After long days at work overflowing with meetings, spreadsheets and endless email threads, sometimes the last thing you want to think about when you get home is what’s for dinner. Sure, you love cooking for yourself or hosting a dinner party — heck, you even whipped up that entire Thanksgiving spread last year — but once in awhile you wish you could take dinner back to a simpler time. A time when you got home from school or practice and supper was ready and on the table courtesy of mom or dad. Those glory days are making a comeback with the help of a new food delivery service that takes the “old school” approach to feeding you.


Susie is the first recurring food delivery service where actually placing orders for dinner isn’t necessary. The company delivers your meals to you automatically every day — or the days you select — at the right time and place based on your preferences. Susie wants to wipe out any worries about grocery shopping, restaurants or online ordering. Instead, every afternoon she decides what’s cooking that night.


The dinner service — currently in beta in the Bay Area and expanding to major US cities after its official launch — uses free-form texting to communicate with users to learn exactly how to serve them best. This simple communication makes the service incredibly easy to use and even easier to fit into your life. Users can provide feedback on meals or cancel a night’s dinner if something comes up — like wanting to take advantage of your homemaker nature and whip something together or head out for dinner with friends.


Susie serves meals at a fixed price of $13 per dish (including tip, delivery and tax). The dishes come from a variety of curated and vetted sources to ensure every meal is a good one.


The convenience of NOT having to think about dinner after a stressful day at the office is something to love. We’re all about the Uber-for-Whatever-I-Want economy that we’re living in, so we’re very happy to see someone bringing it to our nightly meals while still giving us the freedom to cancel when we feel like having cheese and wine with our pals or get the itch for delivery and a Netflix binge.

So Susie, lets just go ahead and assume that we’re going to be besties very, very soon, mmmkay?

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