Be it a skillet or muffin tin, one-pan meals are such a time saver for busy nights. They not only get dinner on the table fast, but also mean you won’t be scrubbing scads of pots and pans once the meal is through. Enjoy these 13 well-balanced and totally delicious meals that totally fit the bill. From pasta to pork, couscous to chicken and more to choose from, there’s something here for every appetite.

Rotisserie Chicken Potato Gratin

1. Rotisserie Chicken Potato Gratin: As if cheesy potato gratin wasn’t delicious enough already, roasting chicken pies on top infuses the casserole with even more swoon-worthy flavor. (via Recipe Tin Eats)

One-Pan Mexican Quinoa

2. One-Pan Mexican Quinoa: Super easy, healthy and hearty, this protein-packed dish can be enjoyed by the bowlful or spooned into lettuce cups. (via Cuisine Addict)

Crispy Skillet Gnocchi With Burst Tomatoes and Zucchini

3. Crispy Skillet Gnocchi With Burst Tomatoes and Zucchini: Enjoy this twist on pasta primavera made with crispy gnocchi instead of noodles. (via Bites of Bri)

Chicken With Sautéed Mushrooms

4. Chicken With Sauteed Mushrooms: Serve this low-carb casserole with slices of bread, or even whipped potatoes or parsnips, to soak up every last drop of the flavorful, wine-infused pan juices. (via Rasa Malaysia)

Skillet Spring Vegetable Brown Rice Casserole

5. Skillet Spring Vegetable Brown Rice Casserole: Next time you’re craving risotto, but don’t feel like all the requisite stirring, make this recipe instead. Loaded with peas, asparagus and mushrooms, it’s a great way to sneak a few extra veggies in at dinnertime. (via Cookie Monster Cooking)

Skillet Lasagna

6. Skillet Lasagna: Ain’t nobody got time for all the fuss involved in classic lasagna. This skillet version packs all the same flavors into a single, quick-to-assemble meal. (via Heed the Feed)

Rosted Pork Tenderloin

7. Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Apples, Sage and Root Vegetables: You’ll love how the rub and glaze for this delicious roasted pork makes it taste like a whole lot of effort was involved. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

Sea Bass With Coconut Cream

8. Sea Bass With Coconut Cream: The combo of seafood and coconut will have you feeling like you’re enjoying dinner on the beach at a tropical destination, sans all the sand. It’s healthy and vibrant, both in terms of color and flavor. (via Great British Chefs)

Easy Peri Peri Chicken Breast

9. Easy Peri Peri Chicken Breast: Sweet, tangy and just a bit spicy, this saucy dish proves that chicken breasts are anything but boring. (via Mommyhood’s Diary)

Skillet Breakfast Bake

10. Skillet Breakfast Bake: Enjoy this sausage, potato and egg skillet for breakfastm brunch or dinner. (via Farm and Foodie)

Spicy Spanish Chicken and Cous Cous

11. Spicy Spanish Chicken and Cous Cous: You’ll have this paella-inspired meal on the table in only 30 minutes, making it quite the perfect way to spice up weeknights. (via Sarcastic Cooking)

Cheese Steak Skillet

12. Cheese Steak Skillet (Grain-Free): Relish in all the flavors of a Philly fave made grain-free. If you’d prefer, stuff the meaty, cheesy goodness into an Italian roll for a more classic, handheld experience. (via Sweet C’s Designs)

Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin With Potatoes

13. Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin With Potatoes: The pork-on-pork action is delicious enough on its own, but we definitely recommend whisking up the creamy Dijon sauce for an even more outrageous (in a good way!) taste experience. (via Seasons and Suppers)

Could you see any of these dishes making it into your weeknight dinner rotation? Share your favorite one-pot meals with us below!