We recently learned that swearing is good for your health, and we’ve long known that coloring reduces stress. In fact, it’s been a pretty huge year for coloring books (we even made one), which has had our inner child screaming “yassss!” But the latest innovation in coloring books to catch the Internet’s attention isn’t exactly intended for children, inner or otherwise. No, this book caters specifically to our fouler, mature-eyes-only sides.

Comprised entirely of gorgeously illustrated swear words, UK artist Sarah Bigwood’s clever new coloring book might make you want to wash your own mouth out with soap. But, more likely, it’ll just calm you the f*ck down after a stressful holiday season. That’s some brilliant sh*t, amirite?

Handily called Sweary Colouring Book, the book features 20 pages of “fancy swears,” each lovingly hand-drawn by Bigwood herself. Plus, the images are each single-sided, so potty-mouthed artistes can color their cussing with whatever medium they see fit.

Since Bigwood is British, the book contains swears that are more or less nonsense phrases for those of us dwelling on the other side of the pond (“Knob Cheese,” anyone?), but North American cursers will be happy to know that all familiar four-letter words are rightly included too. So not only will this book soothe you with creative juices and a giggle or two, but it will totally expand and enrich your curse vocabulary — a noble goal for the new year!

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(Photos via PixieRahDesigns andFacebook)