The only downside to cozy sweater weather is the inevitable pilling, balling, and stretching out of these wintertime style essentials. But there’s no need to get unraveled! You can easily learn how to care for all your favorite snuggly sweaters. We consulted the knowledgeable experts at 27 Miles Malibu, a fashion brand that specializes in cashmere, for some much-needed advice. Scroll on to learn how to clean and store your coziest pieces — and maintain their quality and appearance year after year.

B+C: Is there a major difference in caring for wool vs. wool blend vs. cashmere sweaters?

27 Miles Malibu: All sweaters should be cared for in more or less the same way.

B+C: What is the best way to store sweaters when the cold season ends?

27 Miles Malibu: Clean the sweaters first before putting them away, because stains and odors can attract moths. Don’t store them in plastic bags. Instead, put them in breathable cotton sweater bags. Brit + Co Pick: Household Essentials 2-Pack Zippered Sweater Bag ($20).

B+C: What are some common mistakes people make when caring for their sweaters?

27 Miles Malibu: Most people think they need to dry clean cashmere and wool sweaters but they can be washed easily at home using a washing machine. Separate the sweaters, put them in a laundry bag, and put the setting on delicate cycle using cold water with a low spin. When hand washing, make sure the sweaters are soaked in tepid water. Do not expose sweaters to direct heat, which will shrink them. Also, don’t put your sweaters in dryers and instead just lay them flat to dry on a towel or drying rack. Don’t ever hang your sweaters to dry.

B+C: What are some recommended tools and cleaners to keep sweaters looking new?

27 Miles Malibu: We recommend using sweater combs and stones to remove pilling — combs for finer gauge sweaters and stones for chunkier thick gauge ones. Use cashmere brushes to remove lint and fuzz and release the natural oil of cashmere. Brit + Co Picks: Conair Fabric Defuzzer ($12), Dritz Sweater Stone ($10), Collins D-Fuzz-It Comb ($5).

B+C: How do you get wrinkles out?

27 Miles Malibu: Always use a steamer or a low iron for straightening out wrinkles. Brit + Co Pick:Pax Clothes Steamer ($30).

B+C: Any other tips and tricks?

27 Miles Malibu: Avoid wearing delicate cashmere sweaters with rough items like a heavy purse. Friction can produce pilling and can even create holes. Always fold sweaters instead of hanging them. Hangers cause sweaters to “grow” and often create hanger marks.

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