The days where one could grab a hot dog and/or cheesy, gooey nachos while perusing the money-stealing aisles of retail giant Target are coming to an end in the name of healthier, lighter fare. According to USA Today, Target will start rolling out three new cafe concepts in 14 test markets to see how customers react to the change from fast-food-like offerings to healthier, more balanced options. We’re talking (trendy) kale salads, pressed juices, edamame and gourmet-style pizzas (like margherita and yeah, probably ones with kale toppings).


The three concepts include Freshii, D’Amico & Sons (whose founders have impressively been up for multiple James Beard awards) and an “artisan” Pizz Hut model. Of the 1,800 Target stores in the US, 1,700 currently feature fast-food-like cafes, claiming that food accounts for 20% of sales, which is a notable amount in itself.


We have a feeling most people will be on board the switch, though, mirroring the increasingly health-conscious consumer trend (remember, you couldn’t buy fresh veggies and groceries at Target till only recently). Only time will tell, though, if hungry shoppers will eat up these new offerings or if they’ll miss satisfying their carnival-like food cravings while shopping the latest + greatest designer collabs at Target. Either way, other companies offering similar unhealthy, in-store options like Costco, Wal-Mart and movie theaters should take note of how this new fare plays out — we’re just saying we wouldn’t mind seeing a juice bar pop up next to those soda vending machines.

What do you think of Target’s new in-store food offerings? Will you miss the hot dogs and nachos or are you excited for pressed juices + kale salads? Weigh in on the comment section below.

(h/t USA Today, photo via Target)