We like to “shake” things up around here. And we’ve gone on some smooth…ie rides with sips that span mojito mmms to Almond Joy yums. Now it’s time to go healthy and optimize your nutrients with good-for-you fresh fruit and veggie selections. If you don’t own a juicer, this handy buying guide will help you get started. Now lets get a-juicing.

1. Carrot Ginger Juice: Alright, if you need a little convincing to invest in that juicer, first, try this recipe that doesn’t require any heavy machinery. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Green Juice for Newbies: For rookies, it’s often daunting to think that you’re about to ingest a bunch of green goop. Just close your eyes and think of this as a refreshing, cold cucumber apple smoothie with a twist. (via Veria)

3. Hidden Health: This sipper stands firmly by its name. Perfect for the novice juicer and naysayer of the raw veggie, this juice masks the broccoli with a berry punch. (via Reboot with Joe)

4. Beauty Juice: With the likes of Madonna, Demi Moore and Matthew McConaughey putting their money where their mouth is, coconut water is dubbed Mother Nature’s sports drink. Packed with a multitude of nutrients to aid in picture perfect skin and weight loss, this drink is heaped with the almighty coco water plus strawberries, carrots, mango and oranges and is a great way to hydrate in the sweltering summer heat. (via Henry Happened)

5. Tropical Green Popeye Power: Bring together crinkly-faced superfood kale and smooth superfood spinach, and you’ll quickly fall in love as the sweet taste of mango and the crisp hint of ginger delicately bring this juice to a tasty balance. (via Juice Lady Cherie)

6. Cantaloupe Carrot Cocktail: Considered the zero-calorie veggie, celery packs a burst of flavor. Mixed with sweet ripened cantaloupe and carrots, this vitamin A muscle drink not only looks like a refreshing by-the-beach cocktail, but smooths scaly dry skin and helps with signs of aging. (via Reboot with Joe)

7. Carrot Apple Ginger Juice With Meyer Lemon: If you like a little zing, you’ll want to add ginger to all of your juice recipes. This one amps up the flavor boost with the help of Meyer lemon. The two ingredients combine to create one good for you/good for your belly concoction of beauty. (via Food52)

8. Green Berry Blast: An all encompassing tropical fruity drink with hidden greens for added power punch, it can be served on ice or slightly frozen for a true island experience. (via Juice Lady Cherie)

9. Bluepeary: Simple, delicious, nutritious — with only three ingredients, the cleverly named Bluepeary is the perfect energy-boosting midday snack. (via Amanda’s Apron)

10. Divine Dreamsicle: Perfectly balanced in flavor with a creamy finish, this sorbet-esque drink goes down nice and easy. The optional pineapple gives a vitamin C boost and an extra element of sweet and tart. Tip: Add the pineapple. (via Reboot with Joe)

11. Sunrise Surprise: Cure your case of the Mondays with something cheerfully sweet. Add spinach for an extra stellar start to your week. (via Amanda’s Apron)

12. Spring Cleansing Cocktail: Tomatoes, cucumber and asparagus pair up to create the a weekend recipe. If you must add vodka, we understand. (via Juice Lady Cherie)

13. The Ciao Bella: Hello beautiful indeed. Satisfyingly sweet and rich in beta carotene, this juice cleverly combines butternut squash, orange and mango. (via Reboot with Joe)

14. Coconut Water Cleansing Detox: Rich in potassium, coconut water is the go-to beverage of the summer. This simple recipe is easy to customize. For added creamy texture, throw in half a frozen banana. (via The Chalk Board Mag)

15. The Mean Green: If this is your first stop in the world of juicing, you’ll never go back to sugary store-bought big gulps again. A mix of cucumbers, apples, kale and ginger, serve this sucker cold and let it leave its lasting impression. (via Reboot with Joe)

16. Pineapple Turmeric: If we haven’t made it clear by now, turmeric is the bomb when it comes to your health. If you’re having a hard time getting past the taste, herb-infused pineapple juice to the rescue! (via Veria)

17. Pineapple Swiss Chard: One of the most popular veggies along the Mediterranean and second only to spinach in nutritional value, Swiss chard takes best supporting actress along side seasonal fave, pineapple. It’s tasty and filling and perfect for your post morning workout! (via The Chalk Board Mag)

Got a favorite juice recipe? Let us know in the comments below!