They say one cannot live on bread alone, which is true in this week’s roundup of the best apps out there right now. Food is super important — as someone who has Instagrammed a plate or two of avocado toast in her day can attest — but one needs a steady stream of pop culture and people to share it with to really LIVE. This week’s must-download apps include everything you need in a virtual diet plan: food, music, TV and BFFs to share in the fun. Get DLing below, fellow app fiends!


1. Tastemade: Like the Food Network for millennials, this website-gone-mobile is *the* spot to fill your proverbial plate full of delicious series that span food, travel and the lifestyle you want to live. Besides programming from TM’s lineup of mega hip pros on this app, you can scroll through videos from the community and city-specific visual guides from curated “Tastemakers” around the globe on their newly-upgraded Video City Guide. With a growing army of apps and a just-announced, highly publicized channel on Apple TV, if you’re not watching Tastemade after this weekend is up, you’ll be streaming it soon.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


2. WhipClip: We really needed WhipClip during *that* Empire finale, but at least we’ll have this app, which lets you create clips and share top moments from watercooler buzz-worthy TV shows and music videos, queued up for the Season 2 premiere. Whether WhipClip ultimately wants to be its own social network or just wants to enhance your social sharing with its videos is a little unclear, but the TV nerd in us is geeking out hard enough not to care.

DL It: Free on iOS and coming soon on Android


3. Chosen: Who knew that TV talent competitions was an industry destined for disrupting? Likely ex-Beats CEO David Hyman, who launched this app that lets users do two things: compete against each other in uploaded bits of musical glory and vote for the best of the best among those competing. It’s apt that an app that lets you play Simon Cowell on your commute comes out in the same week that the Brit’s best musical creation One Direction are disrupting their own major enterprise (international tweenage dreams), but perhaps Zayn has found the appropriate stage to test out his solo material.

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4. Drupe: An app that uses the ol’/new “swipe” function in a way you actually (no, really) haven’t before, Drupe expertly combines two important things you regularly use your phone for: your contacts and your apps. Specifically apps that you use to communicate with those contacts. In Drupe, your contacts pop up next to a list of apps you use with them and you drag and drop your contact onto the app you want to reach out to them with. Pull mom into your phone and dial her up. Skooch Rachel into Snapchat and send her something silly. Swipe your long distance boo into Skype and instantly start catching up. It is Android-only downloads like these that will make you rethink that whole iPhone thing, eh?

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5. Choosic: Another swiping app, this one is — stop me if you’ve heard this one — the Tinder for music. Um… Okay, yup, that’s actually pretty cool. You know the drill: you swipe through music, listening to tracks and giving them a left for meh and a right for “yeah!” Selected tunes you’re digging are sent into a playlist making Pandora sound more like, a giant snore-uhhh, am I right? *I’m here all night*

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What was your favorite recent download? Favorite app on your phone right now? Share below!!