Taylor Swift may not be spending much time with her #girlsquad these days (she also happens to be banned from her bae Tom Hiddleston’s events), but that only gives her more time to do things like get in a good workout at the gym. And while you may think that a hardcore leg day may be responsible for the singer’s latest strange steps, it turns out there’s actually a totally sneaky reason behind Taylor Swift’s super weird crab walk. Yep, crab walk.

Taylor Swift

Though we’re used to seeing Tay slay some pretty perfect moves (unless, of course, she’s bailing out HARD on a treadmill), the latest video of the “Bad Blood” singer has her showing off a seriously strange strut. While leaving Body by Simone in West Hollywood after her personal training session in a sleek black pant-suit and dark sunnies, Taylor opted for a totally weird (and surprisingly speedy) crab walk to get to her waiting vehicle.

Um, why? Well, as usual, there were photogs waiting to catch a pic or two of the singer, and even though Taylor was using a back exit, she was obviously fully aware that the cameras were there. Doing her best to deny them a decent shot, she instead ended up giving us a look at this hilariously awkward sideways shuffle.

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photos via Mark Davis, Mike Coppola/Getty)