Now that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have officially crushed our hopes and dreams that they’ll be having an uber-romantic Valentine’s Day (kidding… kind of), the movie’s soundtrack performers, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik, have given us a sneak peek at what *really* went on behind the scenes of their own sexy video shoot.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 23: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Taylor Swift poses backstage at the hit musical "Kinky Boots" on Broadway at The Al Hirschfeld Theater on November 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images)

As it turns out, things weren’t quitttteee as steamy as they seemed on set, either. In fact, they were a little… exhausting.

“It’s earlier than I even care to say,” Taylor tells fans. “…and I’m first,” she laments. “Because clearly, I don’t demand late enough call times… ’cause Zayn’s asleep. Somewhere, in London, I imagine… under some kind of silk duvet.”

Dannnng! Did Taylor jut throw Zayn under the bus? Only in good fun, which was evident by the fact that she had nothing but good things to say about her bestie’s man over on her Instagram page. “I think he’s really special and wonderful,” she says. “It’s amazing when you get to work with people you hang out with,” she says, “because, the question of ‘will we get along’ is already answered, like, ‘yeah, we’ll get along, it’s Zayn, we hang out, it’s fine.’” (Hey, given how her 2016 shook out, we don’t blame her for being cautious!)

Eventually, Zayn does show up, and as Taylor had previously shared over on her Instagram page, it was a lucky thing, because the shot of them in the same room just so happens to be her favorite.

Oh. And did we mention they got to have their first shots of Jameson together to celebrate?

Cheers, guys!

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(h/t via Hello Giggles, photo via Bruce Glikas/Getty)