Raise your hand if you ever doodled in class. The likelihood that it’s everyone who is reading this? We’re willing to bet around 100%. But we’ll also go ahead and assume that your teacher wasn’t thrilled with your distraction. At the very least, they didn’t have a response nearly as awesome as this one.


The teacher in question, whose true identity is anonymous but is known on Reddit by his username Squeezymo, takes his students’ doodles, drawings and sketches and improves on them with his own red pen.


Of course, he’s not just doing this to be silly (though that’s a solid reason). He established an agreement with his often wild and distracted class; if they felt the need to doodle, he would allow them to do so instead of trying to control their creativity. The only catch? He would be able to add his own drawings later, and he would post the finished pictures on his Tumblr account, Grading Thaime.


The agreement helped him keep his pupils calm, giving him the option to “engage with the students in a playful way without it being disruptive to the actual lesson.” Even better, he told BuzzFeed, “It helped me get through the boring-ass grading process.” The final results are cheeky and fun, no doubt improving the spirits of the students and getting teach some well-deserved street cred.


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