Something about the dreariness of winter weather causes us to revert back to our childhood selves every year. One minute we’re buttoned-up adults, and the next, we’re snuggled up on the couch under an arsenal of chunky blankets, drinking hot cocoa, and watching Disney movies. Which might explain why we’re so inexplicably drawn to Pierre Yovanovitch‘s cozy teddy bear-esque chairs… and why we’re longing for one for our living room STAT.

According to architecture and design site Dezeen, Yovanovitch’s bear chairs are inspired by the classic fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with one size for each Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear. But if you ask us, we’d say all three of these sizes are “juuuuust right” for curling up with a book and a hot beverage.

The chairs are upholstered in sheepskin for an extra fluffy, cloud-like texture. We imagine it’d be like sitting in a giant Ugg boot (and what could be cozier than that?).

The bear chairs were part of Yovanovitch’s first US exhibition, entitled OOPS. The show also featured other whimsically shaped pieces that complement the chairs, including balloon-like lamps and stone-inspired side tables.

There’s something so welcoming about the soft, oversized shape of these chairs. Like Goldilocks, we think it would be all too easy to fall asleep in them.

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(Photos via Jean-François Jaussaud of Luxproductions)