We all need a break from social media once in awhile. Sometimes you just want to — gasp — unplug. But before you hastily delete every social media post you ever had, take a deep breath. Sure, you could delete your account permanently, but in case you get buyer’s remorse when you lose the 1000 nicely filtered pics you painstakingly posted, you could simply disable your account. Here’s how to do it on Instagram.


First things first: You can’t disable your account from the app itself. You’re going to have to do it in a mobile web browser or on your computer. Log in and then click the little person on the upper right side of your screen.


This will take you to your profile page. Then click “Edit Profile.”


Once in your settings, click on “Temporarily disable my account.”


Select the reason you no longer want to be on Instagram. If you select anything other than “Just need a break,” Instagram will try its darndest to make you stay with all sorts of feedback and techniques. So just tell them you need a break.


Then, enter your password and confirm your departure. The beautiful thing about this method of leaving is that it doesn’t delete all of your information and photos from the app, never to be recovered again — it just makes them go away for a little while. So whenever you’re ready to boot back up, just log in and everything should be just as you left it. Now, go outside and enjoy the real world without any pressure to capture and share it. You’re freeeeeee!

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