One of our favorite summertime activities is going camping. S’mores, the great outdoors, campfire stories… what’s not to like? Well, now you can take all the fun of camping and combine it with one of your biggest childhood wishes — a rad treehouse! Tentsile is an outdoors brand that actually sells portable treehouses, for all your nostalgic camping adventures.

The portable treehouses are basically tents that you string up between a couple trees, like a hammock. Being up off the ground, in addition to being awesome, offers extra protection from the bugs on the ground as well as the dampness of the grass. It comes with a waterproof rain fly sheet, so you can live like Tarzan even if the weather isn’t totally cooperating.

Don’t have any trees near your campsite? The tree tent can also be used as a ground tent, as long as you’re in dry conditions.

Ranging from $599 to $749, they’re definitely pricier than your standard tents, but your standard tents also don’t let you sleep in the trees :) For the environmentalist at heart, the company plants three trees for every tent bought, making this a great way to give back while snagging the ultimate outdoors experience.

Are you dying to sleep in the trees? Got any other great camping gear to recommend? Tell us in the comments below!