There is a LOT of pressure to pull off a Thanksgiving dinner. Not only do you worry about what time to put the turkey in, you wonder if you have enough veggie options, desserts and sides. With all this focus on the main event, it’s easy to forget to plan your decor. If you haven’t planned your centerpiece, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with an assortment of centerpieces that you can definitely pull together at the last minute, (which is now, btw).

1. Painted Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces: Have leftover gourds and mini pumpkins from Halloween that are still intact? Upgrade them will a slick coat of gold or black paint. Add rosebuds, air plants, succulents or whatever else you have around for instant chic factor. (via Posh Little Designs)

2. 5 Minute Fall Table Setting: A chic and elegant table setting that you can pull together in just five minutes? You betcha. All it takes is a few pine cones, candles, eucalyptus and fragrant oranges to create something special. (via Coordinately Yours)

3. Tealight Nuts Fall Centerpiece: When the sun sets earlier and the cool nights takeover, nothing gives greater comfort than the warm glow of candles. Add a rustic and tasty glow to your table by incorporating a dish of nuts with a few tealights created in nutshells. It’s an inexpensive and easy DIY. (via One O)

4. Pumpkin Candles: How easy is this? Pick up a few sweet tiny pumpkins, cut out enough space for a tea light and voila! A perfectly petite pumpkin candle centerpiece. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

5. Glitter Lollipops: Although we personally believe that glitter is appropriate for all occasions, it’s always fun to incorporate a bit of sparkle around the holidays. These sweet glitter lollipops add a touch of whimsical elegance to your table and provide a sweet treat at the same time. (via Cosmo Pop)

6. Easy Cranberry Centerpiece Idea: Looking for a quick and simple centerpiece idea? Try adding layers of Epsom salt, cranberries and sprigs of greenery in your vases. It’s bright, cheerful and easy to do. (via Madigan Made)

7. Gilded Flower Pumpkins: A simple and stunning centerpiece DIY using foam pumpkins, gold spray paint and your choice of artificial flowers. (via A Charming Project)

8. Pimp My Gourd: Looking for something a little nontraditional? Take a few dried gourds, glue and rhinestones and let inspiration take you all the way to Marrakech! (via Aunt Peaches)

9. 5 Minute Fall Centerpiece: How beautiful is this? A simple arrangement of fruit and eucalyptus arranged on a tray brings the beauty of the harvest into your home. (via Coordinately Yours)

10. Pumpkin Succulent Harvest Decoration: Create this gorgeous centerpiece with a pumpkin, moss, glue gun and a few succulent cuttings. It also makes an interesting and thoughtful hostess gift. (via Simply Happenstance)

11. Confetti-Stuffed Turkey: There’s no need to neglect all things neon just because it’s autumn. Stuff a paper lunch bag turkey with bright, colorful confetti to add fun and laughter at your dining room table. (via Studio DIY)

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments.