15 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes That Will Steal the Spotlight
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15 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes That Will Steal the Spotlight

There’s no doubt that the turkey has an unfair advantage in the Thanksgiving popularity game. You bust out the big bird once a year, so it’s no big surprise that equally delicious sides tend to take a back seat…until now! There’s no match for these 15 whimsical side dishes that are sure to steal the dinnertime spotlight.

1. Butternut Potato Puffs: We couldn’t pass up this side based on it’s adorable name alone! Just squeeze seasoned potato-butternut squash puree through a large, star-topped piping bag and bake till golden brown all over. (via Bitter Sweet)

2. Spinach Artichoke Muffins: Two of our favorite comfort foods combine to create a side dish perfect for a down home Thanksgiving. Creamy spinach artichoke dip makes these corn muffins rich and moist. (via Brit + Co.)

3. Two-Bite Mac and Cheese Cups: Keep the kids from fighting over who gets more spoonfuls of mac and cheese by transforming the casserole into bite-sized cups! You can thank your muffin pan for this (and other) savory munchie. (via Fifteen Spatulas)

4. Pumpkin Dinner Rolls: This whimsical side dish is the number one spotlight stealer on our list, and you’ll be happy to know it’s so easy to make! Just slice your biscuit dough in eight segments, bake, and brush with melted butter for shine. Don’t forget to finish with sliced pecan “stems.” So cute! (via Beyond Kimchee)

5. Triple Threat Potatoes: Why choose between baked, mashed, or fried potatoes when you can have all three in one? (via Brit + Co.)

6. Brussels Sprout Kebabs: There’s nothing more fun than eating stuff off of a stick, so sneak attack the kiddos with these brussels sprout kebabs. These stacked sprouts are roasted and served with an intriguing coconut-mint dipping sauce. (via Pure Vege)

7. Roasted Stuffed Onions: Not only do we recommend making these stuffing-stuffed onions, we also dare you to say it three times fast without slipping up. ;) (via Smitten Kitchen)

8. Sangria Cranberry Sauce: This blogger definitely gets how we roll. You bet we’re gonna give this sangria-spiked cranberry sauce a try at our Brit + Co Thanksgiving potluck! (via SheKnows)

9. Potato Rings: We imagine the whole “don’t play with your food” rule was set before these awesome potato rings were made. Though, maybe reserve the potato ring toss from across the dining table for Friendsgiving. ;) (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

10. Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Biscuits: We’re nuts about this creative concoction. A layer of bubbling marshmallow oozes through the center of these sweet potato muffins, which is sure to satisfy any mid-meal sweet tooth. (via Smitten Kitchen)

11. Applesauce Mac & Cheese: Why leave applesauce all by its lonesome when you can have it buddy up with mac and cheese? While it may sound strange, apples and cheese totally go together, so be sure to give it a try! Mix in some chicken-apple sausage to amp up the apple flavor even more. (via Adventures in Cooking)

12. Broad Bean and Asparagus Tempura: Give your favorite winter greens a crispy coating with this simple tempura batter. Try a light combo of asparagus and broad beans, or even fry up more substantial veggies like broccoli and sweet potato slices! (via Nigel Slater)

13. Sweet Potato Tots: We love this sweet twist on classic tater tots. We’ll also go ahead and say we wouldn’t be opposed to dipping them in gravy during Thanksgiving meal time. (via Your Vegan Mom)

14. Acorn Squash Fondue: Fondue is such a fun way to enjoy a meal with family and friends. We’re dying to try this festive fall version at our next dinner party. (via Food52)

15. Roasted Root Vegetable Pizza: Leave it to Martha to find an amazing way to make roasted root veggies irresistibly appealing. If you serve pizza at Thanksgiving dinner, you win. (via Martha Stewart)

What’s your favorite unconventional Thanksgiving side dish? Or do you prefer traditional sides? Talk to us in the comments below!