We鈥檝e reached the final countdown to Christmas. The big day鈥檚 not even here yet and we鈥檙e already exhausted. Between wrapping presents and holiday parties, it鈥檚 easy to lose sight of the Christmas spirit when you鈥檙e stressed out. So take some time this week to slooooow down and get back in the spirit of the season with these seven iconic holiday episodes from some of our all-time favorite shows. They鈥檙e all ready to stream and just waiting for an accompanying cup of eggnog.


1. The Office on Netflix: When Michael sees the annual office Christmas party becoming a snooze, he breaks corporate rules and buys 15 bottles of vodka for the event. The result, of course, is hysterical, wild and something to remember. (Photo via NBC)


2. Parks and Recreation on Netflix and Hulu: In the 鈥淐itizen Knope鈥 episode of Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope forms a citizens鈥 committee to attack problems from the outside. Meanwhile the entire office works to create the absolute perfect Christmas gift for Leslie. (Photo via NBC)

30 Rock

3. 30 Rock on Netflix: One of the most memorable 30 Rock episodes of all time sees Jack grow jealous of Liz because of her supportive parents, while his mother seems to be only critical. The episode also features a raunchy office Christmas party and the spirit of Christmas shining through in Kenneth. (Photo via NBC)


3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu: Not every Christmas is merry and bright. This episode of Buffy follows Angel as he battles the ghosts of Christmas past. (Photo via Warner Bros.)


5. Orange Is the New Black on Netflix: The season one finale of OITNB sees the ladies of Litchfield Prison put on a Christmas pageant. But no Christmas TV special ever goes smoothly 鈥 especially when it鈥檚 set in a women鈥檚 prison. (Photo via Netflix)


6. Friends on Netflix: Although it鈥檚 arguable that the Thanksgiving episodes are the more iconic holiday Friends episodes, 鈥淭he One With the Holiday Armadillo鈥 is a classic wherein Ross dresses up as a character no one has ever heard of and everybody learns a little something about Hanukkah. (Photo via TBS)


7. Seinfeld on Hulu: I GOT A LOTTA PROBLEMS WITH YOU PEOPLE. This is the iconic Seinfeld episode to quote around your family. Whether you鈥檙e airing grievances or performing feats of strength, just remember that every family is different and they鈥檙e all a little weird.

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(Featured photo via TBS)