Top of the morning to you Brit + Co. readers. This week’s been all over the map, from brussels sprouts to typography, with about 40 doorstops in between. But what about all of the other good stuff we’ve stumbled across online this week? Duh, that’s why we invented the BritList! Here’s our latest roundup or randomness.

1. Crowd-Sourced Music Video: How often do you rock out with your mouse? Not often enough, especially for how much time you probably spend listening to music on your computer. This music video, entitled Do Not Touch for the song Kilo by Light Light, empowers your cursor and lets you feel a sense of community while you watch the video. At any given moment, thousands of fellow cursors will be mousing over the same part of the video as you.

2. DIY iPillow: Apple adorableness alert!

3. Dino Cob Holders: Currently in concept mode, these gorgeous corn on the cob holders would definitely take your summer barbecues to a decidedly chic level.

4. Dove Real Beauty Sketches: This incredible campaign by Dove is definitely a tearjerker. A police sketch artist sits down and sketches the same woman twice, once as described by the woman herself and once as described by a stranger who just met her. The results are pretty mind boggling.

5. Illustrated Pop Culture Mashups: This might be our favorite new Tumblr. Artist Justin Hager has created (and is creating) a series of illustrated pop culture mashups. Zach Morrissey? Time out!

6. Speakers as Art: Speakers can be a bit of an eyesore, even if you customize your colors in all sorts of fun and playful ways a la the Jambox. Urban Fidelity aims to change that, and elevates your speakers to art.

7. Nexersys Home Boxing Unit: At first glance, $3,000 might seem like a lot to play for an exercise machine. But, just think of all the boxing you could do, on your own time no matter what comes up in your schedule! Touted as delivering the benefits of a personal trainer, high-intensity interval training, with 7 strike pads with 3 axis accelerometers, this boxing machine is definitely stacked.

8. Throw & Grow Confetti: As much as confetti is awesome, it’s not so awesome when it turns into litter in the great outdoors. That’s why we’re loving Throw & Grow confetti, confetti made out of seed paper. Throw it anywhere and wildflowers will grow!

9. Sh* This has to be one of the most messed up things we’ve seen in a while. It’s a site that lets you anonymously send you-know-what to whoever you want. Wtf?

10. Resignation Cake: Now this is a resignation we can get behind!

11. A Little Boy and His Dog: How adorable are these photos of a boy and his gigantic dog? It makes us think of Where the Wild Things Are in real life.

12. Hanging Canvas Furniture: It’s not a trick Michael, it’s an illusion! But seriously, we had to do a double take when we saw these pieces of hanging canvas furniture. So cool.

13. Atelier Food Still Life: This still life was built on a grid, and is meant to represent the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and society. Aside from all that, we love the creative presentation of food organized neatly.

14. Nostalgic-Looking Quotes: We love the old timey feel of these iconic quotes.

15. Kodak Wrist Kiosk: How much do you wish this wasn’t an April Fools Joke?! We would print teeny tiny photos ALL the time!

What online goodness made you giggle this week? Share links with us in the comments below.