Happy Friday folks! It’s a sunny one here in Northern Cali, and we’re dreaming of weekend day trips, picnics in the park, and sparkling cherry sangria. But, before we call it on this work week, it’s time to turn our attention to the ridiculous, to the inventive, and to the downright genius (Game of Cones?! Well done Foursquare, well done).

1. Citrus Coasters: How cute are these citrus coasters? All you need is felt and your trusty sewing kit.

2. Analog Memory Desk: Still like to take analog notes and make real drawings when you’re brainstorming your next big project? This desk features a roll of paper for all your notes, but blends seamlessly into a modern office atmosphere.

3. Silly Straws: Remember silly straws? You can build entire systems of beverage consumption, reminiscent of Mouse Trap.

4. Oscar Mayer Bacon Collection: What could be better than bacon? A bacon-themed gift box, brought to you by Oscar Mayer.

5. Pantone Party: Any time we see a party designed by Amy Atlas, we swoon. Pantone? Too good.

6. USB Utility Charge Tool: Weee!

7. DIY Kate Spade Weekender Bag: Kate Spade needs to stop reading our minds!! This great weekender is totally customizable with stripes, colors, and more! What colors would you choose?

8. Huggies Tweet Pee: It’s a diaper that tweets when your baby pees. That’s all.

9. Enlightened Side Tables: These gorgeous side tables would be great for a summer evening, especially topped with lots of cocktails filled with LED ice cubes ;)

10. Game of Cones: GAME OF CONES. Seriously. Foursquare has introduced a check-in game for folks in New York and San Francisco and it’s all about ice cream. Amazing.

11. Get Dad a Broquet: Still in need of a Father’s Day gift? We discovered Broquets back in February, and now we’ve got a super special discount code for you! Use the coupon code “britco” to get 10% off any order through Father’s Day.

12. The Internship: The movie about Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan becoming interns at Google finally comes out tonight. Will you see it?

Bonus! Pin It To Win It: And last, if you haven’t already seen our Pin It To Win It contest, you’ve gotta check it out. Simply pin your favorite summer totes for a chance to win a Chic Weekend Tote Kit.

What goodness have you stumbled across online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.