Good morning, folks. It’s a fine morning for a bit of randomness, don’t you think? While many of us spent the week wishing we were Eva Mendes, we still made time for trolling non-Ryan-Gosling-related parts of the Internet. Among those parts, we found all the things on this list. Enjoy!

1. Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog: Happy birthday cutest hedgehog in all the land! This next installment of tiny animals eating tiny things definitely steps it up a notch in the baking department.

2. Pizza Box Cardboard Stool ($35): Cue Dreams by Gabrielle. But seriously, this is a pretty awesome gift idea for your most pizza-obsessed friend.

3. Thug Kitchen is NOW A BOOK: We first obsessed over this series on a list very much like this one over a year ago! And now it’s a freaking book. We. Are. Pumped.

4. This Week’s Favorite B+C Jewelry Picks: We hit up the ladies of Brit + Co (including yours truuuuly!) to model our latest shop favorites. Going clockwise from the top left: Collar Necklace ($125); Braided Headband + Necklace ($40); Long Single Strand Necklace ($75); and Pink Leather Tassel Earrings ($38).

5. Gigantic 12-Foot Beach Ball ($132): We may or may not have just purchased this. Photos to come… ;)

6. Celebrity Doppelgängers: Oh, Buzzfeed, you kill us! And you really hit the nail on the head with these doppelgängers. Mischa Barton and Elijah Wood? TOO MUCH.

7. Truffle-Infused Beer: Truffle-obsessed? Maybe you want to spend $120 on a bottle of truffle-infused beer. Oh wait, no, that’s ridiculous.

8. First Yawn Baby Doll ($45): If you’re expecting a little one, you obviously need a baby doll that is in a permanent yawn to prepare yourself for a tired baby. What.

9. The Carrot Fondant Cake Kit ($48): How awesome is this?! #metacarrotcake

10. Pizza Keyboard: This is the most genius keyboard in all the land.

And finally, a few screenshots from the aforementioned tiny hedgehog’s birthday because, why not?

Happy Friday! Share your favorite Internet finds in the comments below.