Friday, we’re in love. Okay, maybe not in love, but we are definitely in like with just about everything on today’s roundup of randomness. Here’s to another great week, and an even better weekend!


1. Inkbox, The 2-Week Tattoo: Want to take your dream tattoo for a test run? Now you can, and it goes far beyond the lifetime of your standard temporary tattoo. Inkbox tatts last for two weeks and are a great way to see how much you like a certain design. They’re currently seeking funding on Kickstarter — $18’ll get you a design from their extensive catalog and a mere $47 will get you set up with your own custom design. Less than $50 to try out something permanent? Sounds like a steal to us.


2. Pink Rose Petal Burger WTF: Remember what we said about being big fans of everything on this list? This completely bizarre burger is the exception to that statement. KFC has just announced a brand new innovation on the burger front: the pink petal burger comes equipped with a bright pink bun and is described as “rose cheese chicken leg roasted burger.” Okay. So there’s that.


3. Blink Print ($55): All the yes. Inspired by dream nights and batting eyelashes, this piece is part of Honey & Bloom’s 2015 collection. We love it.


4. Pocket and Pendant Apple Watch: Think a timepiece is old school? How ‘bout a pocket watch? The Pendulum Collection by Bucardo aims to bring old-world glamour to the most modern of devices — the Apple Watch.


5. Vans Cork Authentic ($55): Bye bye, espadrilles, hello, cork slip-ons.


6. Mixology Dice ($24): Looking to enter the world of craft cocktails? Forget the mixology course — let these dice do the mixing for you. Each set includes eight dice: spirit, sugar, liqueur, citrus, fruit, herb, spice and bitters.


7. The Real Watermelon Popsicle: Grab a popsicle-shaped cookie cutter and get to work! :)


8. Poketo Color Block Pens ($5 each): These artful pens will make writing your to-do lists far more cheerful.


9. Color Hunt: If you’re on the hunt for new and different color palettes, color hunt is the site for you.


10. Whoa: We’re crushing hard on letterer, illustrator and artist Amber Goodvin. Read all about her story, what inspires her and more right here.

11. If by Janet Jackson: When’s the last time you watched this video? Or practiced your own version of this dance? If the answer is never, you were probably born in the ‘90s… but you can still redeem yourself. Watch it, learn it, love it, dance it. Kthxbai.

Have a great weekend!