The biggest event at Brit + Co. this week was obviously the launch of our brand new site design! Let us know your thoughts on the new design here, and stay tuned for more new goodness from Team Brit. But let’s be serious, the real reason you’re reading this post is because of the words Ryan Gosling Coloring Book, so let’s get down to business.

1. Ryan Gosling Coloring Book: Um yeah. So this exists. 17 pages of Ryan Gosling awesomeness for you to color in. Buy. This. Now.

2. Hashtag Mug: One for the Twitter addicts in your life, this hashtag mug is perfect for a cup of morning joe while you catch up on the morning’s social media news.

3. Leaning Deck Chair: Grab a wall and take a load off with this super simple deck chair. The anti-slip coated stand provides a safe grip on every surface.

4. Evolution of the New York Skyline, 1876-2013: Love this project. It’s totally mind-boggling to see the evolution of such a small (but huge!) island.

5. 90210 Beach House for Rent: Always dreamed of a beachy summer with a group of feisty friends just like Donna, Kelly, and David? For just $7500 a month (just?) this dream house can be yours!

6. DNA Novel: Harvard Medical School researchers have figured out how to encode a full-length novel in DNA. Incredible.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Lingerie: It’s official. Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie and clothing is happening thanks to HYP, FREEZE Clothing, and Briefly Stated. We’re intrigued. Perhaps they’ll take some cues from our Fifty Shades style board?

8. Dictionary Desk Pillow: Despite the rather morbid picture, we definitely got a giggle out of this dictionary desk pillow. It fits cozily on your bookshelf and opens up into a pillow. Win!

9. May 28th Watches: So many colorful watches, and only $39 a pop! A great way to add a bright pop to any ensemble. Start with one but fair warning, you’ll want to buy more.

10. Toilet Tattoos: And finally, toilet tattoos. Normal.

What goodness have you stumbled across online this week? Send us the goods via the comments below or over on Twitter. Happy Friday!