This week was all about getting ready for the long weekend. Keys have been hidden, campsites have been reserved, last minute plane tickets booked, and in just a few short hours the unofficial start of summer kicks off. In between grilling pineapples and shooting strawberries, we stumbled across more than a few bits of playful, inventive, and surprisingly useful goodness. Enjoy!

Fluidity Dish Rack: Isn't it time your dish rack gave back? With the Fluidity Dish Rack by Milan design studio Design Libero, the water from your drying dishes flows directly into planters on either side of the rack. This is great move for herbs you use in the kitchen, or for succulents if you're not much a dish-doer.

Fish School: Isn't it time the fish in your fish bowl smartened up? R2 Fish School allegedly teaches your fish how to fetch, shoot hoops, and do the limbo. Snag it on Fab for $22 or on Amazon for $25. And tell us if it works (with photo evidence, of course)!

8-Bit Fireplace: Now, time to cozy up by the fireplace – the 8-bit fireplace. Created by James Bit on Etsy, each fireplace is made to order so it can fit in any fireplace. This is a great option for all those city apartment fireplaces that no longer work.

Nintendo Wii Controller: Let's continue the theme of old school gaming with this Wii controller attachment. The picture says it all. This nifty little doodad turns your Wii into a classic Super Nintendo controller.

Snap! Camera Case: We've seen this one on just about every blog we follow, but had to include it here as well. This playful iPhone case turns your camera into a camera complete with a real shutter button!

Jelly T-Strap Sandals: Jellies have always been awesome. Slowly but surely, they come back around each summer in a new updated form. For the last few years, we've swooned over the Melissa collection of plastic footwear but this summer we're loving Aldo's take on the jelly!

King Kooker: Because bigger is often better, we've got one more outdoor cooking tool for you to feast your eyes on. The 10 Gallon King Kooker Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot. Let us know when we can come over for dinner. ;)

Hello Palm iPhone Case ($9): We already gave out the award for the creepiest iPhone case! But we've got a late-in-the-game ringer. We guess it would feel nice to feel like you're hand-spooning a silicone hand when you talk on the phone?

Illustrated Bicycles by Alexander Girard: May Flowers + May being National Bike Month = This Bike! We love it.

Textspresso: Created by cloud-based texting company Zipwhip as an ad campaign, the Textspresso was made using a retrofitted Canon printer and edible ink, and prints any SMS you like directly from an Android phone.

High Heel Bottle Opener: Yesterday we found a pair of these at Hot Topic and they were totally sold out. But the bottle opener gods have spoken, and here they are! At $60 a pair and on a site that looks suspiciously stripper-y, these might not be for you but they certainly qualify as a "quirky bottle opener." ;)

Are you a maker of awesome goods? Leave us a note in the comments below and we just might feature you on next week's BritList. Happy Memorial Day!