Can you believe it’s August 24th? Where did the summer run off to? As fall approaches, we’re thinking about healthy and sweet lunchbox snacks, swooning over non-traditional engagement rings, and taking advantage of all the fresh fruit we can get in the form of berry mojito slushies. Here are 10 things that didn’t quite fit into this week’s articles, but definitely made us look.

1. Floor Plans of TV’s Best Homes: THe minute we saw this we thought to ourselves, how can we recreate the set of Friends right here at Brit HQ?

2. Tetris Constructable Light: We’ve seen our share of Tetri-inspired objects, but this one has quickly made it to the top of our wish list. Made of seven interlocking pieces, you can stack your light in any combination and only turns on when pieces are stacked together. These aren’t quite ready to ship, but will be in stock over on Amazon in late October.

3. Handmade Muppet Hats: Can you say, muppet babies?! These are too adorable. Thanks to Swiss Miss for the great find.

4. Literary Jukebox: A simple project that pairs a daily quote with a thematically matched song, the Literary Jukebox is one that made us look, listen, and read.

5. Pencil Pushers: Oh Bakerella, you’ve done it again. These almost make us wish we were going back to school!

6. Dog Shaming: As Brit’s darling pup Pixel goes through his teenage months, eating one passport, book, and pillow at a time, we turn our attention to Dog Shaming. This blog definitely made us giggle.

7. The Dipr: Umm, a spoon designed specifically for Oreos? While the concept of “no sticky fingers” and a “germ-free dunking experience” doesn’t quite sell us, this is a pretty hilarious gadget and one we might have to test drive here at HQ.

8. Counting Sheep with Path Data Science: If you’re not on Path yet, get there and check out Brit’s completely biased review of Path’s latest update. Now that you’ve taken care of that, be sure to check out this blog post describing the sleep patterns of Path users by age, social habits, gender, and more. The section above represents age – click here for the full infographic.

9. Logitech Washable Keyboard: No matter how clean you think you are, it’s likely your keyboard has started to look a little grimy. You’ve tried taking a q-tip to it to clean in between the keys, but nothing quite does the trick and those drops of Dr. Pepper are starting to look petrified. Get yourself a sleek washable keyboard!

10. Tori, Our Summer Intern: Finally, how can we keep waxing poetic about summer without giving a proper shout out to our rockstar summer intern, Tori Lewis?! Contrary to what the photo above might tell you, Tori is not actually a toddler but did catch the baking bug rather early. She’s an English and Communications major at Stanford. She loves happiness and Oxford commas, is a cupcake and hummus connoisseur, and believes in living passionately, creatively and originally. Check out all of her Brit + Co. articles here and be sure to follow her on Twitter. (And if you’re interested in interning here in the fall, apply here.)

What goodness did you stumble across this week on the web? Send us your best bits in the comments below or give us a shout on Twitter.