Are you #TeamBetty? Or #TeamVeronica? Whichever way you sway, get ready for your alliances to be tested and your world to be turned upside-down, as everything you know about Archie Andrews and his gang is about to change. That鈥檚 because the CW鈥檚 new Archie comics live-action adaptation, Riverdale, is a heck of a lot darker than you鈥檇 think. Check out the first trailer and see the shocking (and wildly intriguing) differences yourself.

Archie comics

Though you may remember the teen鈥檚 antics as silly and offering a giggle or two for any reader, this newest version is surprisingly dark and not AT ALL what you鈥檙e expecting. With wildly moody music (鈥淧aint the Pictures鈥 by Verona from their debut album The White Apple), gorgeously stark shots and glimpses of action that reveal just enough to totally intrigue us, this may very well be our new fave show.

It鈥檚 set in present day and described as a 鈥渟ubversive take on Archie, Betty, Veronica, and their friends exploring the surrealism of small town life 鈥 the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale鈥檚 wholesome fa莽ade.鈥 OMG YES!

Archie _ Riverdale

And that鈥檚 not all that鈥檚 different about this adaptation. Despite being more than enough, there鈥檚 actually one more big difference: Archie is HOT. We鈥檙e talkin鈥 six-pack abs and a smoldering gaze kinda hot. Though his hair is still shockingly red, this certainly isn鈥檛 the Archie you remember. Played by K.J. Apa, you may find yourself totally crushing on this Andrews.

With the first trailer giving us shots of blood, fights and a dead body, as well as glimpses at Camila Mendes taking on the role of Veronica Lodge and Lili Reinhart stepping into the part of Betty Cooper, it looks like Archie will more than have his hands full. And we鈥 can鈥檛鈥 wait!

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(Photos via CW, Archie Comics)