This season of TheBachelorette has already given us plenty of reasons to cringe 鈥 like transphobic comments and a penguin costume, just to name two (although the penguin thing was also pretty darn fantastic). But fans simply can鈥檛 get past the now-infamous doll that has creeped viewers out to an unreal (and hilarious) degree.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

Showing up alongside Adam, the fake mini-me named Adam Jr. (seriously) was as creepy as it was unexpected. Kudos for Rachel Lindsay for laughing, because plenty of us would鈥檝e merely screamed with shocked terror and field-kicked that demon-like dummy across the set as fast as we could and as far away as possible.

鈥淭hat鈥檚 scary looking,鈥 Lindsay said, saying exactly what viewers were thinking. Others were more, er, enthusiastic in their reactions to the (strangely) French AJ.

They either couldn鈥檛 get past the weirdness鈥

Or, frankly, they thought the doll himself was the best suitor of the bunch鈥

Either way, they were loving AND hating the entire freaky situation鈥

And possibly the best tweet of the bunch鈥

Whether you鈥檙e into the doll or are weirded RIGHT out, Adam earned himself a rose in the end, so it looks like we may be seeing more from Adam Jr., especially if you鈥檙e willing to follow the @Adamjrthedoll Twitter account. *chills*

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(h/t Mashable; photos via David Becker/Getty, ABC)