This season of The Bachelorette has certainly started off with a bang (and a penguin costume!), and while it was supposed to be a step forward when it comes to inclusion and diversity 鈥 considering it stars the series first POC lead, Rachel Lindsay 鈥 there was some seriously disappointing drama happening off-screen as two of the contestants were called out for their transphobic comments.

While off-hand remarks would be bad enough, both comments were found in the contestants official show bios, the first coming from 30-year-old Bryce. When asked to reveal his biggest dating fear, he stated that his would be finding out that 鈥渢he chick was actually a dude.鈥 Yeah, it鈥檚 hard enough to figure out how this guy made it on to the show let alone how the heck something like that made it onto the website. (FYI: It鈥檚 now been removed.)

And, like we said, this comment unfortunately wasn鈥檛 the only offensive tidbit spotted in a contestant鈥檚 bio.

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30-year-old Lucas (yep, 鈥淲haboom!鈥) stated that if he were to choose a lunch companion, either dead or alive, he would choose 鈥淒ead: Bruce Jenner, Alive: Caitlyn Jenner鈥 Would be a very interesting convo.鈥 This statement reinforces views that trans people in a way 鈥渒ill鈥 their former selves, which is not how all trans folks feel 鈥 gender is fluid, and many transgender people feel that they鈥檝e always been themselves regardless of presentation.

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Viewers were quick to call out both men on their statements, as well as question how they could have been approved by the network, and ABC has decided to respond (at least to the anger around Bryce鈥檚 line), by saying, 鈥淭his comment does not reflect the views of ABC, Warner Horizon or Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.鈥

Not a terribly sincere or thoughtful apology, TBH (and Lucas鈥檚 comment is *still* up, in case you鈥檙e wondering). We鈥檒l just have to wait and see if any other offensive behavior crops up from the men while the cameras are rolling this season. We can only imagine what Rachel Lindsay would think.

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