So you just got engaged? Congratulations, Mazel Tov, and all those other jubilant exclamations! Now, it's time to get down to business. Planning a wedding is a completely insane and exciting undertaking, and we've got a few simple tools that will make your job oodles easier.

From an on-the-go crafting bundle to the best way to keep your nails did , consider this your starter kit for getting your party started. And yes, just about all of this stuff is available on Amazon.

1. Mini Glue Gun: You have no idea how often you are going to hot glue things in your new bridal career. Go mini so you can have it for anything that might come up.

2. Small Flask: Ok ok, this isn't crucial. But there are going to be days when you get ridiculously stressed out over the fabric pattern on the dining chairs at your rehearsal dinner. We recommend pairing Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka with Nutella so you get your sweet fix as well.

3. Novelty Hole Punch: Time to relive your summer camp days and get really savvy with the novelty hole punch. This one, by Muji, punches a series of tiny circles in the corner of your paper. Also great for DIY confetti!

4. Mini Hole Punch: If you've got a standard 1/4 inch hole punch, you can put it to bed. Snag a 1/8 inch one for favors, cards, and so much more.

5. Stamps: You are about to send a LOT of mail. Keep stamps on hand so you're never in a pinch. And use this stamp affixer to avoid a Seinfeld-esque fate.

6. Baker's Twine: Like clothes from Forever 21, this stuff is cheap and always looks good. Check out Etsy for super fun colors.

7. Mints: Part of getting ready for your wedding is meeting a lot of different caterers, florists, and a whole host of other people. You don't want stinky breath. Plus, every time you see your fiance you are totally required to give him a smooch!

8. Nail Buffer and Shine: People are going to ask to see your ring all the time. Manicures are great but often don't list. Go au natural with a set of buffers so your nails always look great.

9. Lip Gloss: Keep those lips kissable! And prepare for tons of photos with each and every friend that wants to buy you a celebratory drink.

10. Tide To-Go: Just in case you end up decided to do an impromptu photo shoot, make sure your clothes are clean as a whistle.

11. Nail Files: To go along with your nail buffers, nail files. Don't want a broken nail to get snagged on a potential wedding dress!

12. Measuring Tape: Whether you're measuring yourself or a crazy antique record player that would be perfect for cocktail hour at the reception, you're going to be measuring many things.

13. Notebook: Yes you'll keep lots of notes on your phone, but writing things down is helpful for keeping things in order. We love Moleskine, Field Notes, and Scout Books.

14. Sharpies: Ready to address 300 save the dates?

15. Xacto Knife: Like the mini glue gun, this is an essential when even beginning to get crafty.

Second, you have to figure out the best storage technique for you.

Keep everything in a cosmetics bag that you can throw in your purse.

Or a mason jar. (P.S. You can go ahead and order 300 mason jars now – you will definitely use them.)

A cute bin for in your kitchen, in your trunk, or at your office.

Or be a really rockin' bride and keep all this stuff in a JammyPack! Other ideas for storage could be a hot pink toolbox, a carved out book, or a good old heavy duty ziploc. ;)

We hope this helps you get started! It's such an exciting time, and we're pumped to be helping you along the way. Be sure to follow our Weddings category for all sorts of fun projects, tools, and inspiration for keeping your wedding fun, creative, and totally you. And if you have any ideas, questions or thoughts you'd like to share, leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.