It’s the classic conundrum: You’ve gone on that first Tinder date that went super well with a person you really really like, and now you have to decide on a second date… and you’re a hot mess. Like, this thing has “relationship potential” written all over it in giant letters and you do not, repeat, DO NOT want to mess things up. So, where do you go on your next date? Sure, you could go wherever — but you want to set a mood. And, no, your local dive bar with the tequila-Tecate two-for-one special does not a romantic date make. Unfortunately, that’s the only place you can seem to think of at the moment. ACK. PANIC. Right?

Okay, take a deep breath. With user data from city guide app Foursquare, we’ve rounded up the absolute BEST, most romantic bars in 20 US cities. So go ahead, make some plans, and tell us all about it @britandco after ;)


1. New York City: Dear Irving. “This place is downright sexy,” says one user.

2. New Orleans: Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. “Pull up a stool at the candle-strewn piano hidden in the back.”

3. San Francisco:Hotel Byron. “Perfect for a warm and cozy date.”

4. Atlanta:Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View. “The most romantic and beautiful place in Atlanta.”

5. St. Louis, MO: Taste by Niche. “The best variety of drinks. Great for a date.”

6. Houston, TX: 13 Celsius. “Perfect for a romantic date!”

7. Washington, DC: Room 11. “Excellent drinks and bartenders that are willing to make you something that suits your tastes.”

Couple Enjoying Night Out At Cocktail Bar

8. Los Angeles: A.O.C. “Great ambience, great service.”

9. Seattle, WA: Zig Zag Cafe. “HIDDEN GEM. So good.”

10. Las Vegas, NV: Aureole. “Very good food, huge wine assortment… romantic ambiance as well.”

11. Portland, OR: Expatriate. “Great range of cocktails inside an intimate lounge, soundtracked by phenomenal hip hop playing on vinyl.”

12. Philadelphia, PA: Tria. “Great place during warm weather evenings.”

13. Chicago: Celeste. “Sets a very intimate space!”

14. Somerville, MA: Posto. “The ambiance is super romantic and the paired wines are so tasty!”

15. Raleigh, NC: C. Grace. “Highly recommend for anyone looking for a place with a chill scene and great music.”

Closeup of happy mid 20's couple having fun at local coffee place on winter night. They are sitting by a window side by side and laughing. The woman is looking through the window. Both wearing warm casual clothing. Tilt shot,toned image.

16. Miami: Lagniappe House. “This place is pure magic.”

17. Detroit: The Sugar House. “Cool and relaxed setting, competent bartenders, high quality drinks.”

18. Austin, TX: Vino Vino. “Perfect for a late night ‘wine down.’”

19. Cleveland, OH: The Velvet Tango Room. “I love the entire concept of this upscale, elegant establishment!”

20. Ann Arbor, MI: The Last Word. “Amazing cocktails. Great ambience.”

What’s YOUR fave romantic date bar? Spill the goods@BritandCo!

(Photos via Foursquare + Getty)