Tulum is one of the most Pinterest-worthy destinations on the planet. Beaches? Nature? Adventure? Relaxation? Dining? You鈥檒l find it all here in the tropical paradise on Mexico鈥檚 Yucatan Peninsula. And then, there鈥檚 the shopping. Tulum is full of boutiques, selling everything from local handmade jewelry and swimsuits to handwoven straw hats and chic AF caftans. But be warned 鈥 these treasures don鈥檛 come cheap. So prepare to shell out more than a few pesos or learn to love window shopping. Looking for a warm-weather winter getaway? Well, you鈥檝e found it. Here, your guide to the best places to spend your hard earned dinero 鈥 and trust us; there are plenty.

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1. Josa Tulum: When you walk up to this open boutique, you can鈥檛 help but be wowed by the open shop, filled with floaty, printed caftans. Make sure to check out the sale hut (鈥淥ur Closet鈥) to the right of the main store. (Photo via Josa Tulum)

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2. Caravan: This beachside tent is paradise for artisan-made knits and leather accessories. Rows of gorgeous hand-woven garments in hues of soft sage, cream, caramel and black lined the racks at this Instagram-worthy boutique.

3. Mr. Blackbird: The interior of this beach road boutique is decorated with macrame, driftwood and a sand floor 鈥 need we say more? When it comes to Mr. Blackbird鈥檚 offerings, you鈥檒l find a well-edited selection of jewelry, strappy leather sandals and hand-woven bags 鈥 that will take you from the beach to drinks in town.

4. La Troupe: Much like most of Tulum鈥檚 boutiques, La Troupe is an air shop. Which means you can enjoy the sea breeze while stocking up on eco-conscious, breezy knits and leather goods, all made locally.

5. KM33: For a one-of-a-kind bag, necklace or hat, stop by KM33. It more than lives up to its reputation as Tulum鈥檚 premier destination for masterfully handmade accessories.

6. Hoki Poki Kana: Visit Hoki Poki Kana for tropical attire (think mini dresses, bikinis and jewelry) from top designers from Mexico, New York and Paris. Want something with a bit more local flavor? Pick up a dreamcatcher, handmade locally using woven cotton and leather.

7. La Tienda: This curated local boutique carries everything you need to up your seaside style 鈥 including swimwear, cover-ups, towels and knits.


8. Alfonsina y el mar: Need a new swimsuit? You鈥檒l want to pay a visit to Tulum鈥檚 self-proclaimed 鈥渇irst bikini boutique.鈥 In keeping with Tulum鈥檚 eco-sensibilities, pieces are ethically produced, incorporating handcrafted techniques, organic materials and natural dyes. Even the boutique itself is consciously built from recycled materials. (Photo via lebrasse)

9. Mixik: Mixik is THE place to pick up authentic Mexican crafts and artwork, from handmade tapestries to paintings and statues. Because we know your friends and family want you to bring them back a little something鈥

10. Wanderlust Tulum: This jungle-side boutique boasts stunning accessories and beachwear. Warning: If you鈥檙e on a budget, you might want to settle on window-shopping, as pieces don鈥檛 come cheap.


11. MexicArte: This local gift shop boasts an assortment of souvenirs and wares, from ceramics and local chocolate to cover-ups and jewelry. Even better, it鈥檚 one of Tulum鈥檚 more affordable shops, which means you can actually stock up on presents for peeps back home. FYI: The larger shop is in town and there鈥檚 a satellite boutique on the beach road. (Photo via Yelp)

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(Feature photo via Wanderlust Tulum)