When it comes to stylish office-worthy attire, Theory is basically the OG. There’s nary a woman around who hasn’t turned to the brand when she needed perfectly tailored workwear — and their pants are the stuff of legend. But even the most established brands in the biz need to reinvent themselves every now and then, and Theory knows the key to success is evolution. That’s why today they’re introducing their newest venture, Theory 2.0.

So what is Theory 2.0? Essentially, it’s a way for the brand to get back to its innovative roots. The first in the market to work exclusively with fabrics made from Lycra, Theory launched with one pair of pants and changed the industry forever. Now, they’re aiming to recapture some of that entrepreneurial, disruptive spirit with a new class of innovators: A group of rising talent that was plucked from multiple departments within the company, from marketing to design to retail and beyond.

By giving this 2.0 team of up-and-comers the tools to experiment, Theory will be offering all kinds of newness, from sustainability initiatives to philanthropic ventures to, of course, new products. Basically, this isn’t your mom’s Theory. Make way for the new generation.

2.0’s launch kicks off with a ready-to-wear capsule that nods to the brand’s storied past and fashion expertise. Focused on versatility and quality, the collection is made of fabrics that can go the distance for a busy, modern woman who needs clothes that last (raises hand). This collection, however, will be direct to consumer (so 2017), meaning while the quality remains elevated, the prices will be more accessible than ever. Waiting for items to go on sale? That will be a thing of the past. Okay, Theory 2.0. We see you.

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(Photos via Theory)