Now that Twitter has allowed just about anyone and everyone to apply for verification (AKA that coveted blue circular check that let’s the world know you’re “somebody”), we’ve set our sights on getting verified by our other social media bae: Facebook.

Unfortunately, as our friends at Bustle dug up, getting a verification badge for your page (not profile — that’s a separate thing) from the almighty FB isn’t quite as simple as, say, getting Domino’s to deliver pizza via FB Messenger.


According to the powers that be over at Facebook HQ, “Select people, sports, media, entertainment and government Pages may be eligible for verification if they can prove their authenticity and meet Facebook’s requirements for having a Verified Badge.” (Sorry, businesses and brands — while you can apply for a grey check, FB doesn’t hand out the coveted blue check to these types of services.)

IF you meet this criteria, you’ll have to fill out an application form and provide a government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth, like a driver’s licence or passport.

For those thinking of verifying a page that doesn’t represent a person, you’ll be asked to submit additional paperwork, including: a phone or utility bill, certificate of formation, articles of incorporation and tax or tax exemption documents belonging to your organization. What’s more, all of these will need to have an official seal or watermark to prove their authenticity.

Once you’ve completed these steps and sent in your application online, you’ll be faced with the biggest challenge of all: waiting. Staffers meticulously comb through all pending verification requests and there’s no guarantee of how long this will take or what the outcome will be: All you can do then is cross your fingers and send good vibes out to papa Zuckerberg!

Sheesh! Guess we’ll have to stick to our plebeian, unverified accounts for now — at least until we write our first best-selling novel. (*wink emoji*)

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Hocus Focus Studio/iStock)