Wedding invitations are a BIG part of your wedding theme. They’re the first glimpse that guests have to your overall vision, and the envelope is the very first hint. Whether you decide to hire a pro calligrapher or DIY with the help of online calligraphy classes, this list of 19 hand-lettered wedding envelopes will provide just the inspiration you need to go beyond printed versions for a more creative wedding vibe.


1. Tropical Destination Wedding Envelope DIY: If you’re headed to sunny beaches for your nuptials, your invitations call for an envelope filled with palms and other greenery like your very own wedding venue. Mix and match all-caps and script calligraphy with the same green shade for a unique, yet cohesive look. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

TJonesCalligraphy Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

2. TJonesCalligraphy Wedding Envelope Calligraphy ($1+): Brush hand-lettering for the win. These envelopes are the perfect marriage between watercolor and calligraphy, and they’re super easy to DIY thanks to this online class.

LetteredLifeShop Copper Modern Calligraphy

3. LetteredLifeShop Copper Modern Calligraphy ($2+): Sometimes all your wedding envelopes need is some dreamy metallic calligraphy — especially if it’s already part of your wedding color palette. These beauties are sold out, but if the artist can’t re-create them for your big day, you can DIY our own set with a metallic Sharpie. Go a step further and add themed stamps to match the look.


4. DIY Pink and Swirly Hand-Lettered Envelopes: Paired with a fabulous pink envelope, this hand-lettered calligraphy style is perfect for the boho couple who wants to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to their wedding look. It’ll be a true labor of love. (via Julie Morawski / Erica Sweet Tooth)

TJonesCalligraphy Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

5. TJonesCalligraphy Wedding Envelope Calligraphy ($1): If you and your partner-in-crime are big fans of neutral colors and the outdoors, make sure your wedding envelopes include black-inked calligraphy and kraft envelopes like this one. The clean, modern design will pair perfectly with the rustic aesthetic of your wedding day.

Style Me Pretty Wedding Calligraphy

6. Romantic Hand-Lettered Wedding Envelopes: Equal parts classic and a tiny bit vintage, this calligraphy style is all kinds of charming. Though these take a bit more skill to recreate, they’re definitely not impossible if it’s the vibe you’re going for on your big day. (via Lindsay Madden Photography / Style Me Pretty)

Hand-Lettering Envelope Address Tutorial Ladyfingers Letterpress

7. DIY Wild West Hand-Lettered Wedding Envelopes: If you and your S.O. both love the wilderness or are planning a wedding out west, make sure your wedding envelopes include brush lettering paired with cute wildlife stamps. This swift calligraphy style can only be created with a brush pen, which come in a variety of colors to match your needs. (via Ladyfingers Letterpress / Oh So Beautiful Paper)

8. Black and Gold Hand-Lettered Envelopes: Walking down the aisle on New Year’s Eve or planning a black-tie affair? You’ll want to add some transparent envelopes to your invitation style. The design itself will be so sweet and simple, but also bring in textures through the pretty calligraphy font and hints of gold, making this truly one of a kind.

Kristina Werner Design

9. DIY Whimsical Hand-Lettered Envelopes: If you’re going for an intimate backyard wedding day vibe, this bold hand-lettered envelope that’s full of bright and cheery colors is for you. To make these at home, you’ll need metallic markers for the calligraphy to really shine on your dark envelopes. (via Kristina Werner Design)

Style Me Pretty Pink Envelope

10. Secret Garden Hand-Lettered Envelope: This pink hand-lettered envelope paired with adorable flower stamps is pure perfection. Make sure you’re using an envelope liner that matches the calligraphy ink for an invitation design that’s truly out of this world. (via Luna de Mare Photography / Style Me Pretty)

Hand-Lettering Envelope Address Tutorial Ladyfingers Letterpress

11. DIY Colorful Hand-Lettered Envelope: If you and your sweetie are fans of bright colors and being the life of the party, show off those elements as you address your wedding invitation envelopes. Get the look by using different font styles and colors throughout the envelope. Your guests will be super impressed and ready to celebrate your special day. (via Ladyfingers Letterpress / Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Ombre Watercolor Mixed Envelope

12. Ombre Watercolor Hand-Lettered Envelope: Watercolor-themed weddings are oh-so beautiful and have been a huge hit recently. If you’re planning one yourself, this is the perfect way to introduce your modern theme to your guests. (via Eleven and West)

13. Chic Watercolor Hand-Lettered Envelopes: It’s okay to take over the entire envelope if it means your wedding invitation design will be chic AF. You’ll end up with something very elegant and totally unique.

The Lettermate Envelope Addressing Template

14. The Lettermate Envelope Addressing Template ($10): Even if you still don’t trust your calligraphy skills 100 percent, you can still manage to create something gorgeous, thanks to this handy small plastic guide. Its cutout spaces will allow you to write straight, evenly spaced lines every time.

15. Shadowed Hand-Lettered Envelopes: Set the scene for your ultra-artsy wedding with an envelope design full of bold hand-lettering calligraphy that’s sure to take over the entire canvas. Just don’t forget to leave some room for the zip code and a stamp!

Hello Creative Blog Envelopes

16. Vintage Modern Hand-Lettered Envelopes: Rock a vintage-meets-modern vibe by sending out envelopes addressed with a mix of watercolor and ink. It’ll definitely set the tone for an elegant yet cool event that your guests will *not* want to miss. (via Hello Creative Blog)

Eleven and West Envelope

17. Simple Hand-Lettered Envelope: There’s no need to make a fuss when hand-lettering your wedding invites. All you really need is your pen and nib to create something seriously beautiful. (via Eleven and West)

18. Boho Watercolor Hand-Lettered Envelope: Boho couples are sure to fall in love with this watercolor envelope design. The greenery detail makes it ideal for an outdoorsy celebration during the winter or spring.

AFabulousFete Navy Hand Lettering Watercolor Envelope Calligraphy

19. AFabulousFete Navy Hand Lettering Watercolor Envelope Calligraphy ($4+): The simple design of this hand-lettered watercolor envelope shows off this couple’s style with understated elegance. For a bolder aesthetic, swap the white envelope for a contrasting color that will make it totally pop.

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