You could say modern calligraphy is the LBD of handwriting — it’s classic, fancy and just about anyone can pull it off. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to DIY and customize wedding invites, create Louvre-worthy calligraphy wall art and maybe even become a crush-worthy calligrapher. Best of all, you don’t need to be an artist — or even good at cursive — to master this handy creative skill. All it takes to perfect your technique are a calligraphy pen and ink, nimble fingers and experts to show you the right strokes. Ready to get started? Check out five of our favorite online classes below.


1. B+C’s Calligraphy 101 Class ($29): If you’re a complete newbie with no time to spare, this class will teach you how to become a calligraphy pro in just 40 minutes (yes, you read that right). Calligraphy expert Lauren Essl teaches all the basics of pointed-pen calligraphy, including how to write numbers and upper and lowercase letters. You’ll also learn how to make gorgeous hand-lettered stationery and get access to alphabet templates, grids and practice sheets galore. Pro tip: Save time and cash — buy the class and the kit bundle for $75.


2. Creativebug Beginning Calligraphy ($20): In this four-part course for beginners, modern calligraphy master Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls guides you through tons of exercises to help you learn how to hold your pen and control ink flow. You’ll also learn the basics, including writing the alphabet and seamlessly joining together words and phrases.


3. Skillshare Fauxlligraphy ($10+): We admit it — this class is kind of cheating, but it’ll be our little secret, okay? In this short course, type junkie Andrea Campos teaches you how to fake calligraphy by dressing up your normal handwriting. All you need is a writing tool and some paper to get started. It’s also a good primer if you ever want to segue into learning grown-up calligraphy.


4. B+C Calligraphy 201 Class ($29): Ready to take your skills to the next level? In this intermediate course, you’ll build on the basics (from Calligraphy 101) and perfect your technique. Our resident calligraphy genius, Lauren Essl, shows you how to mix your own gouache, expertly address envelopes (no crooked lines here) and save your artwork to a digital file to print. Pro tip: Save time and cash — buy the class and kit bundle for $151.


5. B+C Brush Calligraphy Class ($29): Leave your pen and nib at home for this one. The uber talented and creative Jessica Marie Clinch teaches you how to make gorgeous calligraphy brush strokes using just a paintbrush and watercolor paints. By the end of this beginner-friendly course, you’ll know how to paint the full alphabet and design a layout with your favorite inspirational quote. Pro tip: Save time and cash — buy the class and kit bundle for $49.

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(Feature photo via Brit + Co)