Whether you’re into morning workouts, outside workouts or even dance-based workouts like the fierce Teyana Taylor from Kanye’s “Fade,” one issue everyone has is where to stash your stuff while you’re moving your bod. If you don’t happen to have a locker nearby to keep your valuables safe and/or like to take your phone along with you to provide music and keep in touch with your peeps at all times, then you’ll definitely want to know about ÊTRE. A new activewear brand, ÊTRE provides the perfect pieces to let you work out in style while secretly, snugly and easily storing all of your needed items.


“Never drop your phone, lose your keys, stash money in your underwear or go thirsty while working out. Ever again,” the brand promises (does the mental image of peeps working out with stuff stashed in their undies crack anyone else up?). But seriously, ÊTRE — French for “to be” —  by Victor Legend offers these specially designed bottoms for both men and women. The super cool secret? The waistband!


Inside the waistband of these stylish shorts, leggings and track pants is room for your phone, wallet, cards, cash, keys (or really, whatever bits you want to take along) and even a spot for your water bottle. Yes, you can carry a jug of water in your waist band. No excuse for dehydration now!

etre activewear

The band is also meant to ensure no bounce from the items tucked away and therefore no interference to your workout. ÊTRE is currently in the Kickstarter stage and, though the line is a tad limited when it comes to variety, for a pledge of $80, you can be first in line to nab your very own raison d’être.

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(Photos via ÊTRE)