We have to admit, San Francisco is a pretty picturesque city. We’re lucky to have Brit HQ located right in the center of it all, but sometimes living in a city you forget about all of its special attractions. Its world famous sites can become the landmarks you pass blindly when you’re running late to work. This photo series takes those popular attractions, or well, those old school postcards of them and brings them out IRL for an effect that made us stop, look, and fall in love with the city all over again.

These pics, courtesy of San Francisco Travel and The Bold Italic, combine images from postcards of San Francisco with the real life sites. They force everyone to look at the city through the eyes of a newcomer or tourist and see the beauty in these everyday backdrops.

Sure, being a tourist is fun. But looking at your home city through a tourist’s eyes makes you relive that excitement of moving or visiting that spot for the first time. And regardless of your SF connection, it’s just downright cool.

The combination of old postcards with digital photography is a textured, beautiful way to present photographs. We love that it combines real life with idealized images, showing us that things really can be as cool as they’re advertised.

What do you think of this photo series? How do you stop and smell the roses in your hometown? Talk to us below!