We’re strong believers in celebrating our gal pals. Sure, boyfriends and significant others are grand, but it’s our best friends who’ve been there through everything and still love us unconditionally. From late-night Skype calls to a thoughtfully curated care package, the best way to avoid a BFF breakup is to make sure you appreciate and support your bestie throughout the entire year.

That’s why we’re in love with the idea of Galentine’s Day. Created by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a celebration of all things girlfriends the day before we get all lovely dovey with bae. So before you start munching on chocolate and cinnamon hearts with your S.O., here are nine fun ways to celebrate your lady squad this Galentine’s Day.


1. Host a DIY *everything* party. It’s probably not a big surprise that we love a good DIY party — these conversation heart piñatas are definitely a must-try! Whether your creation looks like something out of Anthropologie or a preschool art class, you’ll have tons of fun getting your creating juices flowing while catching up with your BFFs.

2. Take a mini road trip without a GPS. Even if you don’t have a bazillion sick days to use, gather your gal pals for a few hours of junk food and killer tunes with a mini road trip. Simply get on the highway, turn off your GPS and let your sense of adventure be your guide.


3. Have yourself a fancy Skype date with your bestie. Just because you aren’t in the same city as your BFF doesn’t mean you can skip Galentine’s Day. Put on your fanciest OOTD (no sweatpants allowed!), and treat each other to a date night via video chat.

4. Do ALL the YouTube challenges. From the 100-layer challenge to highlighter-only makeup looks, find a handful of outrageous YouTube challenges and film you and your friends recreating them. Your videos probably won’t make it on YouTube, but you and your besties will definitely get a kick looking back at them for years to come.


5. Host a wacky-themed brunch. Whether you’re into punk rock literary figures or Disney sidekicks, have your besties dress up for a theme and bring a quirky potluck dish.

6. Invent new desserts with your BFFs. Even though there are TONS of amazing dessert recipes on the internet — these chocolate ring pops are amazing — tonight is all about creating masterpieces of your own. Hey, it’s impossible to make chocolate, candy, sugar and sprinkles taste bad, right?

7. Cozy up with a girlboss movie night. We get it: Sometimes all your schedule allows for is a cozy night on the couch. But because tonight is special, spice things up with a killer girlboss lineup, whether it’s a Melissa McCarthy binge sesh or a powerful selection of feminist documentaries.


8. Get literary and have yourself a mini book club. If you and your besties are avid bibliophiles, try hosting your very own one-night book club. We suggest picking a relatively short book — you know, so you still have time to catch up with your ladies. And don’t forget the vino and munchies!

9. Try a new, trendy fitness class together… and then binge on ice cream and candy. Skip your normal yoga class and invite your squad to try a trendy, heart-pumping fitness class with you. No matter what happens, you’ll still have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to your fave junk food afterward.

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