Okay, folks, we are back with another installment in the improbable series Things to Do With Leftover Candy. Disclosure: It’s a concept we haven’t experienced, ourselves, firsthand — uneaten and candy being two words rarely heard uttered in the same sentence around here. However, we do enjoy a look-see at what the other half are doing — the other half being, those of you burdened with heaps of Peeps in danger of going (*horror*) stale. Well, fresh or stale, here are 11 creative things you can make with Peeps.

Stale might not be a bad thing when it comes to Peeps. Lots of folks claim the marshmallow delights taste better stale. Like, um, really stale. Laffy Taffy stale, according to some, which means they stretch when you pull ’em. It takes about a year of the Peeps sitting around uneaten to achieve this state. So, we think you’ve got some time before your Peeps expire. Or, is it just that stale-Peep aficionados are more vocal? According to Peep brand research, 83 percent of folks prefer them soft and fresh out of the box and only 17 percent like them “aged” (like fine wine).

Over at In Katrina’s Kitchen, they are cranking out some cute little Peeps, afloat in mini chocolate-pudding pies with graham-cracker crusts. Sounds s’more-licious to us. (Via In Katrina’s Kitchen)

Speaking of s’mores, here’s how to adapt the recipe using leftover Peeps. Here are even more crazy things people are doing with Peeps:

Peep Martinis. Because everything tastes better in a martini glass.

Peep Krispies. We didn’t think you could improve on the original marshmallow treats. Color us wrong.

Peep Lime Pie. Sweet and sour — now we’re talking!

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Peeps Flambé. We’ll have ours just slightly caramelized, with a smidgen of burn, please.

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Peep Fail. Careful. Careful. Oh, no! That’s just a little, no, well, yeah, overdone. Even for us.

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