The months before your wedding are sure to be a whirlwind of seating charts, parties and honeymoon planning. And while all things wedding are good things, it’s still important to take the time to enjoy just being engaged — whether that’s strengthening your relationship or having a ball at your engagement party. Scroll on for 10 awesome things to add to your pre-wedding checklist.

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1. Book a photo session. Many couples will use engagement photos for invitations (and, let’s be honest, to post all over social media), but having pictures from your engagement will be a great complement to your wedding photos to come, and will hopefully be a fun photoshoot to do together!

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2. Have a wedding detox weekend. Planning a wedding can be all-consuming (and stressful), especially if you and your partner are both heavily involved. Before your wedding, take a weekend to yourselves — no talk of vendors and budgets allowed.

3. Hang with your respective friends. You’ll always have your friends — but since your marriage will be a new priority in your life, your relationship with them might be a little different than it was when you could hit the town with all your *single ladies* on any given night. Give your best friends some love before your big day (beyond your bachelorette party) to show them that they’ll always matter — no matter your relationship status.

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4. Go on double dates to establish “couple friends.” Once you’re married, you and your official boo become somewhat of a package deal when it comes to social invites. Having some established friends who are in the same boat will make that transition waaay easier.

5. Seek relationship and wedding advice from newlyweds. Planning a wedding and navigating the first new months of marriage is a fun, change-filled process — so like anything in life, a little advice from those who have come before you never hurts. Who better to ask than couples who just went through the process?

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6. Spend time with your immediate families without each other. Your families will both gain an awesome new member on your wedding day, but it also means that your time together will often be different from here on out, since you’ll have your new spouse in tow. Spend some time with your sibs and parents to celebrate your last time as a unit.

7. Create a Pinterest board with ideas for your new home or apartment. If you’re moving in together or want to make sure your current joint space combines both of your styles, set yourself up for max at-home comfort before your wedding day. Fuse your taste in décor together and avoid future disagreements by choosing a style for your new space ahead of time.

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8. Discuss what stuff is going to stay with what is going to go in your new place. In addition to establishing a sense of style, it’ll also curtail conflict down the road if you divvy up what furniture you’re going to keep and what you’re going to send to Goodwill before the big day.

9. Keep going on fun and romantic dates. Dating has always been fun, and it will always be fun — even when you’re engaged! Taking time to enjoy each other’s company will only make your anticipation of your wedding that much more fun.

10. Have a serious conversation about what you want from your marriage. This is a biggie, and probs a convo you should’ve had before you got engaged, but it’s not too late. If you’ve committed to spend the rest of your lives together, you obviously make a great team. However, it’s worth delving into some tough decisions — such as where you’ll spend holidays or how many kids you want — before you tie the knot, so that you have clear expectations for your marriage.

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