Game day is here; Super Bowl LI is just hours away and that means you鈥檒l soon be enjoying all. The. Food! As you prepare your must-have appetizers and pick up all the final essentials you鈥檒l need for a delicious Super Bowl dinner party, you may be wondering about the, err, nutritional aspect of today鈥檚 big bash. (Unless, of course, you鈥檝e decided to follow these nutritionists鈥 advice for eating healthy on Super Bowl Sunday!)


If, however, you鈥檙e currently whipping up tasty meatball recipes galore and laying out countless dips (guilty!), you鈥檒l be happy to know you鈥檙e not alone. Far from it, in fact. According to Lose It!, an app that helps you achieve your health and wellness goals by tracking 鈥測our meals and moves,鈥 Super Bowl Sunday is actually 鈥渢he first major calorie spike in any given year.鈥

By compiling user data from 鈥3 million+ monthly active members鈥 gathered during last year鈥檚 big game, Lose It! found that its users actually logged an astounding 8.7 million calories more than on any other Sundays in January and February! We knew we were all indulging a liiittle, but DANG!

So what was everyone noshing on during Super Bowl 2016? It was pretty much exactly what you鈥檇 expect: According to the app鈥檚 research, Buffalo chicken dip came in first place with chicken wings at a close second, followed by French onion dip, guacamole and Baked Scoops tortilla chips rounding out the top five. What we weren鈥檛 expecting to see were breakfast staples such as scrambled eggs and pancakes ranking eight and ninth. Go figure!

A variety of party foods.

It wasn鈥檛 all solid cals, though: All of those delicious snacking options were most commonly washed down with an ice cold Bud Light, the top logged bear during last year鈥檚 game.

If this year goes anything like last, we mighttttt want to get an extra workout or two in this week. Now, excuse us as we get back to our avocados.

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