We were already well aware that millennials were more or less completely obsessed with wine (duh!) but things may have officially gone a bit too far: We’re talking shortage, people. Specifically of the bubbly variety. First avocados and chickpeas, now this? Our hearts (and our taste buds!) can hardly stand it!


According to Decanter magazine, a series of unfortunate events including frost, hailstorms, mildew and rot have yielded the worst harvest of Champagne since the ‘80s, and it’s not likely to get better anytime soon: These same elements have also resulted in the weakest growing season since 1956. 1956, people!

While reserves (held by growers and houses) are on hand to supplement crop yields in times like these (phew!), the amount being tapped to cover this year’s demand will likely be substantial, and when you factor in the lack of growth… well, let’s just say things start to get a little real.

In other words? Stock up. Like, now. Or don’t say we didn’t warn you when you’re drinking orange juice instead of mimosas!

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(h/t Bustle)