Leave it to Sesame Street to come up with one of the cutest parodies we鈥檝e seen in a while. With their recent addition of Julia, the first autistic muppet, Sesame Street is staying current 50 years after they first aired on PBS. One of the things that has kept the show so popular is their pop culture references, and now, they鈥檙e tackling The Real Housewives in a hilarious, monster-filled series on their YouTube channel.

The three-part RHW parody features Oscar the Grouch, Grundgetta, Diva Garbagedump and Grover. The muppets play off of some of the Housewives most iconic sayings, with Grover playing, 鈥淭he Cute One.鈥 Best line, though? Diva Garbagedump saying, 鈥淧eople call me a trash digger, and I can鈥檛 say they鈥檙e wrong.鈥 (Thanks, Kim Z)

The second 鈥渆pisode鈥 parodies all the singles that the housewives have released over the years (the muppet ones are clear winners here), with songs like 鈥淕rouchy for the Party,鈥 and 鈥淧retty Messy.鈥

Of course, no RHW parody is complete without the requisite embarrassing dinner at a restaurant, filled with drama. Because it鈥檚 Sesame Street, each of the series deals with little lessons for little people, like sharing, making messes, and being friends.

Maybe the Real Grouches of Sesame Street can guest star on the next season of RHWNY?

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(h/t E!Online; Photo via YouTube)