This Is the Super Sweet Story Behind Faith Hill’s 20th Anniversary Message to Tim McGraw
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This Is the Super Sweet Story Behind Faith Hill’s 20th Anniversary Message to Tim McGraw

While even long-term celebrity couples such as Brangelina and Demi Lovato + Wilmer Valderrama are crumbling all around us, there’s one (well, 12, but they top the list!) celebrity couple that’s still going strong after 20 years together. That’s impressive enough on its own, but in Tinsel Town, it’s practically a miracle.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw practically created the term #relationshipgoals, crooning romantic duets to one another like “It’s Your Love” for two decades now, and they’re far from done: In fact, they’re currently touring the US and Canada for a 66-stop (Holy. Crap.) Soul2Soul tour together! It’s not all work, though: The couple is also taking time out to celebrate their love and dedication to one another over the last 20 years.

Though their actual anniversary was on October 6, Tim has just shared this super sweet shot of the love note his wife left for him on their shared mirror.

While Faith’s lipstick message (“20 years!” surrounded by a heart) was cute enough on its own, there’s actually a story behind it that fans of the duo (and Taste of Country) know all too well. Way back in 1996, when Tim proposed to Faith in her dressing room, she famously responded by penning her answer on the mirror with a Sharpie, surrounded by lipstick kisses.

Though we’re not sure if this new message was drawn on the exact same mirror (they’ve kept it, even after all these years), the sentiment clearly remains the same ― true. love.

Gosh, you two! You’re going to make us cry! Congratulations on finding a love that’s stood the test of time ― may we all be so lucky!

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