Working retail can be… interesting, to say the least. Some days, you might rejoice as you get first dibs on the coolest new fashion trends. Other times, however, you might spend hours daydreaming about nothing else but writing up a business plan and becoming a #GirlBoss already!


Earlier this week, Tom Grennell, who goes by the name kimpossibooty on tumblr, joined the Target team as a cashier, just in time for back-to-school shopping madness. After seven days of working for the retail giant, he had already experienced some fabulous, ridiculous and flat-out unbelievable highs and lows and, luckily for us, he documented them all in a series of viral tumblr posts that have our sides aching from laughter.


It all started with a simple post titled Things That Happened On My First Day At Target. The very first item to make the list? “Sold lingerie to an eighty year old woman.” It only got better from there, with moments that were endearing — “Had a very engaging conversation with a three year old boy about colors. We both like blue.” — envy-inducing — “Got a second free starbucks drink. This one was a pumpkin pie one that wasn’t even on the menu. I like this barista man.” — and just plain funny — “Served an old woman who I thought had an impressive mustache, but it was just nose hair.”


Don’t even get us started on all of the inspirational highlights, like when “a woman came up with $220 of items. After a wad of coupons and a stack of free gift cards from other promotions, her total went down to $55. I want her to teach me.” We want her to teach us too!

Seriously, this whole retail thing is starting to sound pretty fantastic. Just think of all the laughs and lessons (and viral fame!) that’s to be had.

Tom went on to meticulously document all seven days of his first week behind the register, and thanks to all the positive feedback he’s since received, he plans to keep the stories coming. YAY! He even started a brand new tumblr page that’s completely dedicated to his Target adventures and is aptly titled Tales From the Checkout Line. Excuse us for a moment while we sign up for updates.

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(h/t Refinery 29, photos via kimpossibooty/tumblr + Brit + Co)