As much as we try to avoid spots like McDonald鈥檚 , Burger King or KFC, we鈥檒l admit that when we鈥檙e seriously pressed for time and starving, we鈥檒l pull in and place an order. And as delicious as those chicken nuggets are , it鈥檒l definitely put a damper on your otherwise healthy (okay, mostly healthy) diet. But for some lucky residents of Pleasanton, CA, it looks as though their fast food fix can now be a totally organic experience. Introducing: The Organic Coup , America鈥檚 first USDA-certified organic fast food restaurant.


You can go ahead and forget your visions of quinoa bowls and boxed salads, because The Organic Coup鈥檚 primary ingredient is one you probably wouldn鈥檛 expect from an organic restaurant: fried chicken. Similar to the beloved chain, In-N-Out Burger, the menu is super simple, with just three main items: The Coup Signature Sandwich, The Coup Wrap and The Coup Bowl. They also have organic popcorn drizzled with chocolate and caramel as well as organic fountain sodas, organic lemonade and boxed water. All the chicken options are fried in organic coconut oil and paired with spicy shredded veggies.

The Organic Coup only uses Mary鈥檚 Chicken (the same chicken that鈥檚 carried at Whole Foods), which comes from a farm based in San Joaquin Valley, CA that鈥檚 well respected in the health food world for its farming practices.

organic fast food 1

We won鈥檛 say The Organic Coup is an ultra-healthy fast food pick (because, c鈥檓on, it鈥檚 still fried chicken after all), but we will say that when you鈥檙e craving some greasy goodness, this is probably the best way to indulge.

Would you like to see The Organic Coup show up in your city? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

(Photos via The Organic Coup)