Arie Luyendyk Jr. met his fair share of interesting individuals during this week’s hometown visits on The Bachelor. We saw him answer to Kendall Long’s twin Kylie (yes, that’s really her name), Becca Kufrin’s uncle Gary, and Lauren Burnham’s entire military family. But one thing we didn’t get to see was Bachelor in Paradise season 4 couple Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk spending time with Tia Booth and Luyendyk when they showed up in Arkansas for her hometown date.

Granted, we still loved every moment of their visit, from the wiener toast to the serious big brother talk about the bachelor’s rumored “playboy” ways — and, of course, when her dad assured Luyendyk, “If you hurt her, I can find you on Google.”

However, we can’t help but think we missed something special, knowing that there was a double date between Booth and Luyendyk and the other beloved Bachelor Nation duo.

It was Gates who first let fans in on the meet-up, posting a pic of the foursome to Instagram with the caption, “Can’t wait to watch #TheBachelor tonight!! #hometowns Arie was so sweet! And it was so nice to see Tia so happy.”

Unfortunately, since not everything that’s filmed makes it to the screen, we didn’t get to witness what the group ended up doing or how the meet-up went beyond the tiny bit of info Gates provided.

Fans were not thrilled. Luyendyk explained the lost scene by saying, “Welcome to the wonderful world of editing!”

And unfortunately, anyone who might have been holding out hope for a second double date had their hopes dashed when [SPOILER!] Luyendyk sent Booth home after a bumpy rose ceremony.

We’ll just keep our fingers crossed that we get to see a clip or two of the visit when The Bachelor: Women Tell All rolls around on February 25 on ABC.

What do you think Tia and Arie should have done during their double date with Raven Booth and Adam Gottschalk in Arkansas? Let us know @BritandCo!

(photos via ABC/Craig Sjodin + ABC/Paul Hebert)