Timeless鈥 time is officially up. The NBC time-travel drama has been canceled for a second time, but the studio hopes to produce a two-hour finale movie to properly say goodbye.

鈥淭his is a sad day for the writers, actors, crew, and especially the viewers of Timeless,鈥 the show鈥檚 creator, Shawn Ryan, tweeted on Friday. 鈥淲e are all extremely proud of what we made and know that it was more than just a show for so many of our fans. It became a passion and a cause for many of them.鈥

Viewer dedication to the show can鈥檛 be understated 鈥 after the show was canceled the first time in 2017, fans rallied to save it, and NBC decided to bring it back for a second season after all. 鈥淲e heard from the fans and didn鈥檛 want to be on the wrong side of history,鈥 NBC said聽at the time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio and network are in talks for a two-hour movie to give closure to last month鈥檚 finale cliffhanger. Ryan said on Twitter that if NBC is serious about making it happen, the show is fully on board. 鈥淲e don鈥檛 want the journeys of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and the others to end yet. #ClockBlockers.鈥

鈥淲e鈥檙e proud of the impact #NBCTimeless had on so many people 鈥 the students who embraced history as a result of our show, the people who were inspired by our stories of inclusion and acceptance,鈥 Ryan continued. 鈥淲e saw your tweets and were inspired by you.鈥

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(photo via Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)