Okay, we’ll admit it: Among all of fall fashion’s go-to neutrals and darker hues, we can’t help but crave a little color. And boy, does the mermaid hair trend deliver on vibrant, gorgeous hues. This summer, we’ve seen everything from rose gold locks to opal hair, but this clever hack is one the few ways to get striking strands without a trip to the salon. All you need is a few sheets of tissue or crepe paper in your favorite shade. This technique is the perfect way to get your Kylie Jenner on and try every shade under the sun, because the color only lasts for about three washes and it’s practically damage-free.

This tutorial breaks the technique down into a simple step-by-step. Let the homemade dye sit on your strands for about 30 minutes, then wash your hair. Voila! Temporary mermaid hair in less than an hour, and for just a few bucks.

We’re obsessed with this cotton candy shade. As it fades, it’ll transform into a cool blush tone.

Once you master one color, why not mix it up and try combining multiple hues? The result will get you even closer to full-on mermaid status.

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