This morning I was on the Today Show talking all about upcycling! I grabbed a yoga mat, some coffee filters, and my old CDs and got my eco-craft on.

First up, putting that old yoga mat to use. Be sure to put it in the dishwasher to get it clean before reusing it in your crafts.

1. Dish Rack Mat – Yoga mats are super absorbent, so just cut and stick under your drying rack to keep your counter free of dishwater.

2. Jar Opener – Get those stubborn jars open by using the grip of the yoga mat to give you that little bit of extra leverage.

3. iPad Case – Just cut and stitch to make this super chic electronics case… for super cheap!

4. Flip Flops – These are perfect for an at-home spa day with the girls.

5. Hair Ties – Ran out of ponytail holders again? No worries.

6. Pin Board – The bright color of this yoga mat looks great in place of a cork board on your wall.

Next up to bat, coffee filters. These are especially great if you’re upgraded your coffee machine and you have a bunch of the old filters sitting in your cupboard.

7. Tea Bags – If you’ve recently switched from coffee to tea, don’t throw out those filters just yet! You can totally use them to support your new habit.

8. Gift Stuffing – Coffee filters are a great stand-in for tissue paper in a pinch.

9. Party Bowls – Don’t worry about breaking or washing a snack bowl at your next party, just fill ‘er up and toss when you’re done!

10. Potpourri Sachets – Throw a couple of these in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh.

Finally, all your old CDs/DVDs and their cases that are sitting around, gathering dust.

11. Makeup Palettes – This is a great way to take your makeup on the go and customize it for your needs.

12. Clock – Pick a CD or DVD that means a lot to you and grab a clock kit off Amazon and you’ll have a killer keepsake.

13. Statement Necklaces – Nostalgia chic, anyone? It’s surprisingly easy to turn a CD into a piece of jewelry.

14. Food Storage – Use those old towers to store bagels or donuts on your countertop.

Got any handy tricks for giving new life to old household objects? Share them with me in the comments or over on Twitter.