Maybe it’s just us, but the start of this week isn’t as cringe-inducing as usual. We could totally still be on a sugar high from National Donut Day though, TBH. To keep the party going all week long, we rounded up TWO new Todrick Hall videos, a super helpful book, two must DL apps and every fangirl’s dream road trip. This week’s commute definitely won’t have any lulls.

1. Todrick Hall’s “Evolution of Disney” + “Mickey Minaj”: The Disney-loving, Beyoncé homage pro’s creative YouTube reign just won’t stop. His most recent videos are everything you’d want for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up. Press play and you’ll be taken on a mashup masterpiece of classic Disney tunes from countless centuries.

The Mouse House party doesn’t stop with that transformative soundtrack, though his other latest vid mashes up everyone’s fave cartoon princesses with a real life princess’ jams — that would be Nicki Minaj, FYI. Both of these clips are bippity boppity bops.

2. Women’s World Cup Challenge (Free on iOS + Android): The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off Saturday. Fully invest yourself in the badass lady soccer tournament — through July 5 — with this app where you can catch up on all the tourney action on the go, predict match winners and fill out brackets a la March Madness to compete for prizes or some good old fashioned pride with your friends. May the best women (and Team USA) win.

3. I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time by Laura Vanderkam (Available on Amazon, Barnes + Noble, Books-A-Million, Google Play, iBooks + IndieBound): This helpful book takes a look at “having it all” through the lens of actual data from working mothers, who offer insight on how they juggle their personal and professional lives and the ways they break down the hours in their day through case studies and interviews. This is a definite must-read for all aspiring girlbosses.

4. Fan Girl Quest: This “travel blog with a geeky twist” is every fangirl’s biggest dream. Follow these fangirls as they embark on probably one of the most epic (and endless) road trips ever as they scout locations from movies + TV from all over the world. One scroll through this portfolio on your way into the office and you’ll feel like you’re on a journey to somewhere other than your desk.

5. Readerly (Sign up for beta): Get this app to hone your critical reading skills through interactive gameplay. Open it up a little every day and play around to improve your comprehension, discover new topics, build your intellectual confidence and even (if needed) help yourself enhance results on standardized tests — or, you know, annual reviews and stuff ;)

How will you be powering through your commutes this week? Share with us in the comments.