It’s not gonna be May anymore, as it is officially May now. After recovering from a triple whammy over the weekend courtesy of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Kentucky Derby and the big fight, it’s time to push through a (hopefully) quick work week jam-packed with Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the release of Reese Witherspoon + Sofía Vergara’s comedy Hot Pursuit and — most important of all — our commute picks. Prepare to pass the home-to-work (and vice versa) back-and-forth time this week with a book of selfies, a Beyoncé tribute worth watching a million times, an outlet to promote your journaling, the cutest Instagram account and a funny lady podcast. #nodulldays

1. Selfish by Kim Kardashian West (Available on Amazon, Barnes + Noble, Books-A-Million + IndieBound): This book of selfies from the selfie queen features 400 snaps — many of them never-before-seen — from her days as a wardrobe stylist to her current glamour shots. While this tome totally makes for the perfect coffee table accessory, we wouldn’t shame you if you decided to make a little extra space in your bag for this picture book with a side of social media tips ;) Then, come fall you can switch it out with Khloe’s advice book.

2. 4 Beyoncé From Todrick Hall: If you didn’t get enough of this YouTuber after his Disney ’90s jams mashup, he’s already back with another musical masterpiece. This time he pays tribute to Queen Bey with a medley of just about every single Beyoncé song ever. The music video incorporates more than 70 songs hailing from all five of the diva’s albums in a quick four minutes. It’s time to get bodied before + after work.

3. My Evening Post: Keep telling yourself you’re going to keep a daily journal of your activities but continue to slack on that commitment? Now you can easily keep that promise through this website that helps users “maintain a journal, diary or captain’s log.” To get your writing going, the company sends a daily or nightly email prompting you to reply with thoughts and photos. If you had an eventful day, simply write back with the highlights — pictures and all. If it was a dull day, it’s fine to ignore it. Every email response is uploaded as a post so that your online journal grows each day you press reply. This is definitely one way to make that commute fly by while also ensuring it’s productive.

4. Baby Geniuses (Available on iTunes + Stitcher): This podcast, hosted by comedian Emily Heller and cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt, describes itself as “a show for people who know stuff and people who don’t know stuff, but would like to.” Every episode features a just-as-hilarious guest that teaches the duo and listeners a thing or two about any topic they want to discuss. Get ready to be schooled on everything from glamping to the mental health of your pets, all while belly laughing throughout.

5. Follow @christyyeee for Animal + Food Illustrations: You’re already casually scrolling through various social media platforms while on your commute, staring at adorable animals and delicious food, so we think it’s time to start following this Malaysian architecture student’s Instagram portfolio that combines both. After clicking that follow button your feed will be filled with gorgeously detailed (and cuddly-looking) animals interacting with some appetite-inducing cuisine. Cue all the feels — hunger + cuteness.

Which of these will be giving your commute a boost this week? Let us know in the comments, and while you’re at it, share your own picks with us too.

(Featured photo via Rizzoli)